Application for Advanced Standing

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Application for Advanced Standing

HKMU students who have registered for one credit-bearing course and successfully admitted to the respective postgraduate programme are eligible to apply for advanced standing.

You are required to:

  1. read carefully the Guide to Application for Advanced Standing;
  2. complete the application Form A-AP in accordance with instructions;
  3. pay an application fee;
  4. submit required copies of certificates and transcripts in the manner as specified (refer to Section L5 of the Guide to Application for Advanced Standing;
  5. submit required syllabus information (refer to Section H3 of the Guide to Application for Advanced Standing.

The University may not be able to process an application if the required documentation and syllabus information are not available.

Application Fee

Current application fees are as follows:


HK$3,280 for an application of 1 to 3 courses, thereafter HK$1,095 for every 3 additional courses, i.e. HK$4,375 for an application of 4 to 6 courses and HK$5,470 for 7 to 9 courses, and so on.


HK$4,380 per application

All paid application fees are non-refundable.

Submitting an application

Step 1

Send the completed form together with required copies of certificates, transcripts and syllabus information as specified to the following address:

Advanced Standing and Graduation Team, Registry, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Room A0511, 30 Good Shepherd Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon.

Step 2

After we have received your application form with the necessary documents and information, we will initially check whether the documents and information are in order.  We will then mail a bank pay-in slip to you with the amount of application fees specified.

Step 3

Pay the application fee at Bank of China. Mail the bank payment receipt to the Advanced Standing and Graduation Team at the address mentioned above.

(Please note that during the processing of a case, the University may still contact an applicant for additional information necessary for processing of the application.)


Advanced standing applications will be processed by the University after all the required documentation and syllabus information is received. Each application is subject to approval by the Advanced Standing Committee upon recommendation by the respective academic unit (or its delegated authority).