RGC Funded Projects

Office of Research Affairs and Knowledge Transfer Research Projects   RGC Funded Projects  

1. Funded projects under Institutional Development Scheme (IDS)

2019/20University Research Facilities for Basic and Applied Coastal Wetland Research in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2018/19Establishment of a Public and Social Policy Research Centre
2017/18Expertise and Infrastructure Development for Advancing Research Capacity in Selected Strategic Areas
2016/17Third phase of institutional research capacity development: Strategic research development in three focused areas
2015/16Second phase of institutional research capacity development — Establishment of three research institutes
2014/15First phase of institutional research capacity development

2. Funded projects under Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)

YearUnitPrincipal InvestigatorTitleGrant
2022/23A&SSDr Antony HUEN Pak HangEkphrasis in Hong Kong Poetry in English: Late 1970s to Early 2020s694,470
2022/23A&SSDr Vincent CHENG ShingLife course trajectories of drug treatment among middle-aged and older people who use heroin in Hong Kong567,543
2022/23A&SSDr Charlie NG Chak KwanBiophilic Sense and Sensibility: Exploring Human-Animal Coexistence in Contemporary Environmental Literature271,500
2022/23B&ADr Kelly CHEN XingGovernance Reform in Stakeholder-oriented Context: A Behavioral Perspective460,445
2022/23E&LDr William TANG Ko WaiA study on competency levels of post-secondary students in detecting fake news on social media in Hong Kong515,070
2022/23S&TDr FU YaruA Study of Distributed Service-aware Wireless Cellular Networks (DS-WCNs): From User Demand Modeling to Performance Optimization1,047,750
2022/23S&TDr Fanny TANG Wai FanThe Development of Recycled Oyster Shell Waste in Polymer-modified Green Concrete towards Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Environmental Benefits1,717,000
2022/23S&TDr John CHUI Kwok TaiDeveloping Efficient Behaviour-based Semi-supervised Drivers Status Prediction Algorithm from Small-scale Labelled Dataset974,150
2022/23S&TProfessor Philips WANG Fu LeeRepresentation and Extraction of Quantitative Information for Large-scale Unstructured Healthcare Text Analysis826,950
2022/23S&TDr Tony LEE Chi ChungDevelopment of Smart Analytic System with IoT Technology for Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff in Suburban Agricultural Area1,183,975
2022/23S&TProfessor Fred LEE Wang FatModulation of Ichthyotoxicity of Karenia mikimotoi by Two Associated Alteromonas oceani Isolates (R2 and Y8) and Algal-bacterial Molecular Interaction Under Effects of Different Biotic and Abiotic Factors1,390,400
2022/23S&TDr Sidney CHAN Man NgaiStudy on the bioremediation of chlorpyrifos by two Scenedesmus species under different phosphorus concentrations1,183,400
2022/23S&TDr Emily WONG Sze WanAntihypertensive effects of traditional, aqueous and solvent extracts of Danshen, danshensu and Tanshinone IIA and their combination on Bevacizumab-induced hypertension1,308,750
2022/23S&TDr Ian MO Wing YinCombined chronic effects of dietary relevant concentrations of metal/loids and elevated water temperature on two economically important fish1,194,854
2021/22A&SSDr Venus CHAN Wing ManXR MALL: Developing learners’ interpreting and public speaking skills via an extended reality app794,099
2021/22A&SSDr Vincent CHENG ShingThe boomerang effect in anti-drug advertisements in Hong Kong502,075
2021/22A&SSDr Amy CHEUNG Ho NamDepression in high ability adolescents: A cross-cultural study1,149,824
2021/22A&SSDr Terence SHUM Chun TatThe waste trade and the informal street economy: Negotiating identity, value, and social integration among Pakistani migrants in Hong Kong719,874
2021/22B&ADr Kelly CHEN XingThe wisdom to choose: Family CEO’s birth order across institutional contexts250,800
2021/22B&ADr Samuel CHOI Ping ManLearning Analytics Intervention System for Python Programming Courses1,290,920
2021/22B&ADr WOO Ka ShingExamining the impact of moving mediation (Tai Chi) on relieving emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue for emotional labour in shift work782,284
2021/22E&LDr Edsoulla CHUNG Hiu YuiTowards a reflective approach to developing academic vocabulary: An intervention case study in the higher education context768,300
2021/22E&LDr Christy QIU XuyanLearner engagement in listening-and-speaking tasks in the face-to-face and the synchronous computer-mediated communication conditions655,953
2021/22E&LDr Jessie WONG Ming SinDeveloping a National Identity in Young Children: Values and Practices of Kindergartens, Local Chinese and Non-Chinese Families of Different Backgrounds in Hong Kong647,550
2021/22S&TDr CHEN JianlinHeterogeneous reaction kinetics of resazurin bio-reduction on paper-based microfluidics for bacteria detection and toxicity measurement1,581,875
2021/22S&TDr Patrick CHEN XiInteractions between urban microclimates and high-rise commercial buildings integrated with photovoltaic envelopes to optimize energy and indoor environmental performances1,513,450
2021/22S&TDr FU YaruAn Investigation of Reliability-Aware Wireless Edge Caching Networks (WECNs) with Bundle Recommendation810,850
2021/22S&TDr Kevin HUNG King FaiModelling of Pupillary Muscles’ Range Nonlinearity Effects on Pupil-based Evaluation of Autonomic Nervous System761,400
2021/22S&TDr Keith LEE Lap KeiMultimodal Deep Learning for Rumor Detection on Social Media1,248,950
2021/22S&TProf. Fred LEE Wang FatCommunity Structure and Metaproteomics of Microorganism Assemblages Collected from Pneumatohpores of Avicennia marina in Mangrove Ecosystem1,321,400
2021/22S&TDr Wyman WANG WeimingAccurate 6D Object Pose Estimation for Automatic Robotic Manipulation in Complex Industrial Environments860,300
2020/21A&SSDr Grand CHENG Hak LandTransitions across productive engagement patterns in late adulthood: Antecedents and consequences$954,370
2020/21A&SSDr Christine LO Man ChiTian Han, the Le Midi Movement, and the Cultural Salon in 1920s Shanghai: Bohemianism and Transcultural Modernity$445,150
2020/21B&AMr Jacky CHEUNG Pat YanAudit Fee and Political Connections: The Moderating Effects of Local Institutional Environment and Gender Diversity$824,944
2020/21B&ADr Dawn CHOW Yi LinSail away from the safe harbour? Examining the socio-psychological factors influencing Hongkongers to stay in Hong Kong and/or the Greater Bay Area, or to relocate elsewhere for work$826,605
2020/21B&ADr Ray HUI Tak YinA Relational-cognitive Perspective on E-coaching: A Multi-level Moderated Mediation Model of Self-efficacy and Leader-member Exchange$620,243
2020/21B&ADr LEUNG Tak YanDemystifying Audit Pricing: Is There Auditor’s Optimistic Bias?$847,406
2020/21B&ADr Gary NG Ting TatLinking moral dilemmas and social dilemmas: Examining moral principles that drive cooperation$986,057
2020/21N&HSProfessor Linda LEE Yin King“Dirty work”: A photovoice study of residential aged care in Hong Kong$803,490
2020/21S&TDr Sidney CHAN Man NgaiChitosan-flocculated microalgal biomass as a supplement of food waste fish feed and its enhancement effects to growth and immunity of Scortum barcoo$871,800
2020/21S&TDr Crystal HAN JieImproved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management through Scientific IAQ monitoring and App Survey with an indication of energy demand reduction$1,386,950
2020/21S&TProfessor Fred LEE Wang FatMechanism Underlying Algicidal Activity of P4, a Novel Bacterium Isolated from an Algal Bloom in Hong Kong, against Icthtyotoxic Dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi$894,800
2020/21S&TProfessor Andrew LUI Kwok FaiModelling the social aspects of interactive objects for pedestrian trajectory prediction in urban areas$832,700
2020/21S&TDr MAK Shu LunThe development of polylactide green composites with coffee grounds and tea leaf powder waste$1,303,000
2020/21S&TDr Christie NG Ching ManInvestigation of metal oxide-based nanofiber as cost-effective catalyst for biodiesel synthesis$874,675
2020/21S&TDr Ernest TSANG Kin WaiAn investigation of daylight-linked lighting control system in urban area by simulation approach and development of weather database for daylighting assessment$1,314,119
2020/21S&TDr Emily WONG Sze WanNew Development of Rapid and Easy Authentication Method of Single Drug Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) coupled with Chemometrics$1,015,550
2019/20A&SSDr Thomas CHAN Kwok HoThe Motives of Intergenerational Transfers in China$511,850
2019/20A&SSMr Michael CHEUK Ka ChiEscaping Prestige: The Transmedia Aesthetics of Gao Xingjian’s Post-Nobel Works$638,350
2019/20A&SSDr HO Amic GarfieldGuiding Emotion: Constructing New Approach for Design Studies$596,663
2019/20A&SSDr Terence SHUM Chun TatFood and music: negotiating diasporic culture, identity and integration among South Asians in Hong Kong$690,698
2019/20A&SSDr Gary TSANG Chi ChungStudy of Ci Annotation in Republican China (1911-1949)$310,020
2019/20B&ADr Maggie CHU Ying YingOn encouraging green living – When does a positive role model backfire$331,737
2019/20B&ADr Agol HO Wai MingThe influence of environmental concern on green bond yield$578,550
2019/20B&ADr Emmy VAN ESCHThe Effects of Expatriate Empowering Leadership on Host Country National Knowledge Sharing: A Self-Expansion Perspective$578,550
2019/20B&ADr Matthew YEUNG Chi HeiThe Effects of Improved Trade Facilitation and Physical Connectivity of OBOR’s Six Economic Corridors on Trade and the Spillovers Effects from the Economic Corridors$736,675
2019/20E&LDr Emily GE HaoyanThe impact of bilingual exposure on the language development of Cantonese-speaking children with Autism Spectrum Disorder$659,438
2019/20E&LDr Cindy LAM Man FongPerception and Production of the Putonghua Tone of Non-Chinese Speaking South Asian Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong$575,100
2019/20S&TDr Panda CHAN Ping LungMicrobiological and Metagenomic Analysis of the Microbiome and Antibiotics Resistance Genes in Manure from Organic Farms (Phase 1)$1,206,991
2019/20S&TDr Crystal HAN JieStudy on Microplastics Pollution and Its Interactions with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Mangrove Wetlands$999,450
2019/20S&TProfessor Andrew LUI Kwok FaiOn effective utilization of small training sample for computer short answer grading based on semi-supervised clustering algorithms$894,800
2019/20S&TDr MAK Shu LunThe modelling and development of Twin-screw type extrusion system for making recycled filament materials in additive manufacturing$875,250
2019/20S&TProfessor Philips WANG Fu LeeOnline Topic Modeling with Applications to Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis$1,605,450
2018/19A&SSDr Vicky HO Wing KiCreativity in Popular Music: A Study of Music-making Practices in the Busking Scene and the YouTube Scene$524,960
2018/19A&SSDr LAM Wai ManTraditionalism, Regime Support and Democratic Legitimacy in Hong Kong$968,400
2018/19B&AMr Kevin CHU Wing KiInvestigating Impacts of Problem Ownership and Ascription of Responsibility on Sustainable Consumption Behaviour$429,048
2018/19B&ADr Louisa LEE Yee SumAre City Tourism Destinations Prepared for the Touristification of their Intangible Cultural Heritage?$540,600
2018/19B&AMr Christophor TSUI Sai KitAn Empirical Study on Relationship between IPO Prospectus Readability and IPO Underpricing$461,250
2018/19E&LDr Jessie WONG Ming SinThe Development of Kindergarten Practitioners’ Professional Identity under the Free Kindergarten Education Policy in Hong Kong$784,745
2018/19S&TDr Fred LEE Wang FatMolecular Responses of Fish Gills Experimentally Exposed to Ichthyotoxic Dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi$699,523
2018/19S&TDr Douglas NG Kei ShingRadial Basis Functions Method for Medical Imaging Problems$1,165,000
2018/19S&TDr Eric SZE Tung PoInvestigating the Potential of Using Probiotic Bacteria in Making Traditional Chinese Foods with Health-Promoting Effects and Reduced Carcinogenicity$782,100
2018/19S&TDr Steven XU JingliangSeasonal Succession of Microalgae and their Relationship with Environmental Factors in the Sources of Hong Kong Drinking Water$882,150
2017/18A&SSDr HUNG Chi KumStudy of Daren (1970–1973) and Dacheng (1973–1995) and a Discourse on Post-War Hong Kong Culture$446,300
2017/18A&SSDr Rebecca LEUNG Mo LingShaping and Being Shaped by Multiple Cultural Fields: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Eileen Chang in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan$496,900
2017/18A&SSDr WONG Chi HungA Study of Edo Annotated Editions of Du Fu’s Eight-line Regulated Verse$443,577
2017/18A&SSDr YU XuyingFevers of National Learning in 20th Century China : Post-enlightenment Phenomena$200,200
2017/18B&ADr Samuel CHOI Ping ManQuantifying the Impact of Limit Order Book Transparency on Trading Profitability$473,900
2016/17B&ADr Maggie CHU Ying YingHalting wasteful consumption: The differential impact of guilt and shame$460,668
2016/17B&ADr Franklin LAM Sze SingThe relationship between corporate philanthropy and corporate financial performance in Hong Kong-listed companies$598,675
2016/17E&LDr Vanliza CHOW Mei YungA study of the language specificness of two nursing specialties$363,500
2016/17S&TProfessor HO Kin ChungDesign and development of a big data system for predicting harmful algal blooms$698,725
2015/16A&SSDr Eden LI Sum HungPolitical discourses in Hong Kong: A systemic functional perspective$690,719
2015/16A&SSProfessor TAM Kwok KanRevisioning Ibsen: The aesthetics and politics of staging the self in China and Hong Kong$452,216
2015/16A&SSDr Anna TSO Wing BoAn investigation of Hong Kong students’ perceptions and experiences of English academic writing: A case study at The Open University of Hong Kong$523,825
2015/16B&ADr Toro CHEN TaoRound number biases, buy-sell imbalances and transaction time: The international evidence$460,575
2015/16B&AMs Pauline HUNG Hie YiinCEO compensation and dividend policy in family firms*$439,493
2015/16B&ADr Rebecca LAU Suk YinWhy don’t they return the favor? A study of antecedents to team-member exchange and its impact on work-life balance$479,550
2015/16B&ADr Eddie LAW Kuok KeiSituated knowledge in power relations: Its legitimization, sharing and appropriation$416,173
2015/16E&LDr Polly LAO Kam LingTeacher knowledge of early childhood teachers in Hong Kong, with a focus on Mathematics in early childhood education$695,405
2015/16S&TDr Kevin HUNG King FaiDevelopment of an Exergaming System with Haptic Feedback for the Investigation of Energy Expenditure and Muscle Activities during Sports Training$663,519
2014/15A&SSMr Edmund CHENG WaiThe dynamics of activism in Hong Kong 2006–2015: An interactive approach$451,545
2014/15A&SSProfessor CHIU Yu LokModern South-coming intellectual’s impression of Hong Kong and their nationalist awareness$286,626
2014/15A&SSDr Winnie CHOR Oi WanEpistemic modulation and speaker attitude in Cantonese: A discourse-pragmatic perspective$666,421
2014/15B&ADr WOO Ka ShingDeciphering the myth of Chinese emotional display: The impact of Chinese cultural values and norms on emotional labour strategies and customer service evaluation$572,700
2014/15E&LDr CHAN Chi WaiA study on strategic leadership in Hong Kong kindergartens$688,713
2014/15E&LDr Robin YANG Ruo WeiAnalysis of repair practice and its relationship with L2 Chinese learning in online tutorial$522,300
2014/15N&HSDr Sandy CHOI Pin PinA phenomenological study of the attributes of the practice environment in Hong Kong residential care homes for the elderly$591,100
2014/15S&TDr Eric SZE Tung PoDevelopment of rapid testing methods for the authentication of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM) by mass spectrometry$707,250
2014/15S&TDr Angus WONG Kin YeungEnabling adaptive and secure cloud connectivity for cognitive radio networks$584,200
2014/15URCDr LI Kam CheongEvaluating the effectiveness of mobile learning in nursing education$429,525

3. Funded projects under Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS)

YearPrincipal InvestigatorTitleGrant
2021/22Dr Fanny TANG Wai FanDigital Revolution: Blockchain Technology for facilitating trusted data exchange for Jewellery Industry447,910
2020/21Dr Jimmy LI Chi HoThe International Symposium on Virtual /Augmented Reality (V/AR) Inspection Training and Education in Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)$370,860
2016/17Dr Danny LEUNG Chung HongHarnessing the latest corpus-based approaches for research$337,131
2015/16Dr LI Kam CheongLearning analytics and higher education development: Towards a research agenda$465,952
2015/16Dr Andrew LUI Kwok FaiMobile learning: Innovative research topics and applications$443,587
2014/15Professor IP Yiu KeungResearch capability enhancement programme (1) for the self-financing degree sector of Hong Kong$425,500