RGC Funded Projects

Office of Research Affairs and Knowledge Transfer Research Projects RGC Funded Projects

1. Funded projects under Institutional Development Scheme (IDS)

Year Title
2023/24 Establishment of an Exergaming Research Centre (ERC) for Healthy Aging
2019/20 University Research Facilities for Basic and Applied Coastal Wetland Research in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2018/19 Establishment of a Public and Social Policy Research Centre
2017/18 Expertise and Infrastructure Development for Advancing Research Capacity in Selected Strategic Areas
2016/17 Third phase of institutional research capacity development: Strategic research development in three focused areas
2015/16 Second phase of institutional research capacity development — Establishment of three research institutes
2014/15 First phase of institutional research capacity development

2. Funded projects under Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)

Year Unit Principal Investigator Title Grant
2023/24 A&SS Dr Ricky AU Kwok Cheong The role of active and passive attentional capture in the attentional boost effect 615,120
2023/24 A&SS Dr CHAN Wai Yin Fable of the Bees in Our Time: An Inquiry to Recover Assets and Values of Waste Pickers in Hong Kong 491,610
2023/24 A&SS Dr LAW Lok Yin From Transformation to Empowerment: A Study of Heritage Tourism in Four Asian Tigers and Its Implications 646,745
2023/24 A&SS Dr Christine LO Man Chi “Shanghai fever”: Japanese travel writers and modern Chinese writers in the 1920s 415,250
2023/24 A&SS Dr WONG Chi Hung The Casual Official and the Tang Minister: A Study of the Reception of Yuan Jie and His Literature 341,540
2023/24 B&A Dr KHURSHID Hamid Examining the role of Benefit Corporations (B Corps) in deriving shared value and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 363,385
2023/24 E&L Professor Peppina LEE Po Lun A study of modals and modal negatives in the Shantou Southern Min dialect 516,775
2023/24 E&L Dr Jack SHU Chi Yee Stage for Positive Ageing: Oral History Theatre by Older People 479,650
2023/24 N&HS Professor Linda LEE Yin King Ageing without children: the lived experience of childless Chinese older couples 458,375
2023/24 S&T Dr CAI Yancheng Behaviour and design of high performance steel bolted connections at ambient and high temperatures 2,033,250
2023/24 S&T Dr Kevin HUNG King Fai Development of Novel Quaternion Signal Processing and Feature Extraction Methods for the Monitoring and Early Detection of Mental Disorders in a Head-based Mobile Health System 800,960
2023/24 S&T Dr Tony LEE Chi Chung Development of using retired batteries from electrical vehicles to build smart emergency power systems for buildings in Hong Kong 1,149,640
2023/24 S&T Dr Keith LEE Lap Kei Fusing Intra-modality and Inter-modality Interactions with Self-attention for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis 859,610
2023/24 S&T Dr Yolanda LI Yaohan Long-term adaptation strategy for climate-resilient coastal bridges subjected to extreme risk under typhoons 1,630,575
2023/24 S&T Dr Roy LI Zongxi A Generic Label Extension and Enhancement Framework: from Emotion Domain to General Domain 1,165,690
2023/24 S&T Dr Emily TAM Wan Ting Storage conditions and brewing methods for preserving catechin contents, reducing fungal contaminants, and minimizing mycotoxin residues in four types of tea in different packaging 887,210
2023/24 S&T Dr Charles TANG Chi Hung Effects of microplastic ingestion on the growth of marine microplankton grazers and their grazing control on algal blooms 753,350
2023/24 S&T Dr Ernest TSANG Kin Wai Developing an automatic shading control approach for improving visual comfort in urban areas 1,308,290
2023/24 S&T Professor Roy VELLAISAMY Arul Lenus Gunn diode-based Terahertz emitter using Topological Insulators 1,223,190
2023/24 S&T Dr Debby WANG Dan Protein-ligand Binding Affinity Prediction Based on Grid Representation and Deep Learning: Paving the Way to Efficient Structure-based Drug Design 993,240
2023/24 S&T Professor Philips WANG Fu Lee Knowledge Alignment Framework Based on Contrastive Learning in Stock Prediction and other Emotion-Related Natural Language Processing Tasks 800,006
2023/24 S&T Dr Wyman WANG Weiming Automatic and Accurate Evaluation of Placental Abnormalities via Multi-modal, Multi-task and Federated Semi-supervised Learning 1,264,590
2023/24 S&T Dr WONG Shun Man Metal-Catalyzed C–H Bond Functionalization of (Hetero)arenes by using alterable P,O or P,N hemilabile benzimidazolyl phosphine ligands 762,550
2023/24 S&T Dr Emily WONG Sze Wan Growth stimulating effect and related mechanisms of concentrated Chinese medicine granules of Astragalus membranaceus and Glycyrrhiza uralensis in Nile tilapia and mud carp under overcrowding stress 1,089,150
2023/24 S&T Dr Steven XU Jingliang Oxidative activity of mangrove leaf phenolics and their inhibition on growth and physiology of harmful algal species, and the underlying molecular mechanism 1,028,200
2022/23 A&SS Dr Antony HUEN Pak Hang Ekphrasis in Hong Kong Poetry in English: Late 1970s to Early 2020s 694,470
2022/23 A&SS Dr Vincent CHENG Shing Life course trajectories of drug treatment among middle-aged and older people who use heroin in Hong Kong 567,543
2022/23 A&SS Dr Charlie NG Chak Kwan Biophilic Sense and Sensibility: Exploring Human-Animal Coexistence in Contemporary Environmental Literature 271,500
2022/23 B&A Dr Kelly CHEN Xing Governance Reform in Stakeholder-oriented Context: A Behavioral Perspective 460,445
2022/23 E&L Dr William TANG Ko Wai A study on competency levels of post-secondary students in detecting fake news on social media in Hong Kong 515,070
2022/23 S&T Dr FU Yaru A Study of Distributed Service-aware Wireless Cellular Networks (DS-WCNs): From User Demand Modeling to Performance Optimization 1,047,750
2022/23 S&T Dr Fanny TANG Wai Fan The Development of Recycled Oyster Shell Waste in Polymer-modified Green Concrete towards Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Environmental Benefits 1,717,000
2022/23 S&T Dr John CHUI Kwok Tai Developing Efficient Behaviour-based Semi-supervised Drivers Status Prediction Algorithm from Small-scale Labelled Dataset 974,150
2022/23 S&T Professor Philips WANG Fu Lee Representation and Extraction of Quantitative Information for Large-scale Unstructured Healthcare Text Analysis 826,950
2022/23 S&T Dr Tony LEE Chi Chung Development of Smart Analytic System with IoT Technology for Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff in Suburban Agricultural Area 1,183,975
2022/23 S&T Professor Fred LEE Wang Fat Modulation of Ichthyotoxicity of Karenia mikimotoi by Two Associated Alteromonas oceani Isolates (R2 and Y8) and Algal-bacterial Molecular Interaction Under Effects of Different Biotic and Abiotic Factors 1,390,400
2022/23 S&T Dr Sidney CHAN Man Ngai Study on the bioremediation of chlorpyrifos by two Scenedesmus species under different phosphorus concentrations 1,183,400
2022/23 S&T Dr Emily WONG Sze Wan Antihypertensive effects of traditional, aqueous and solvent extracts of Danshen, danshensu and Tanshinone IIA and their combination on Bevacizumab-induced hypertension 1,308,750
2022/23 S&T Dr Ian MO Wing Yin Combined chronic effects of dietary relevant concentrations of metal/loids and elevated water temperature on two economically important fish 1,194,854
2021/22 A&SS Dr Venus CHAN Wing Man XR MALL: Developing learners' interpreting and public speaking skills via an extended reality app 794,099
2021/22 A&SS Dr Vincent CHENG Shing The boomerang effect in anti-drug advertisements in Hong Kong 502,075
2021/22 A&SS Dr Amy CHEUNG Ho Nam Depression in high ability adolescents: A cross-cultural study 1,149,824
2021/22 A&SS Dr Terence SHUM Chun Tat The waste trade and the informal street economy: Negotiating identity, value, and social integration among Pakistani migrants in Hong Kong 719,874
2021/22 B&A Dr Kelly CHEN Xing The wisdom to choose: Family CEO's birth order across institutional contexts 250,800
2021/22 B&A Dr Samuel CHOI Ping Man Learning Analytics Intervention System for Python Programming Courses 1,290,920
2021/22 B&A Dr WOO Ka Shing Examining the impact of moving mediation (Tai Chi) on relieving emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue for emotional labour in shift work 782,284
2021/22 E&L Dr Edsoulla CHUNG Hiu Yui Towards a reflective approach to developing academic vocabulary: An intervention case study in the higher education context 768,300
2021/22 E&L Dr Christy QIU Xuyan Learner engagement in listening-and-speaking tasks in the face-to-face and the synchronous computer-mediated communication conditions 655,953
2021/22 E&L Dr Jessie WONG Ming Sin Developing a National Identity in Young Children: Values and Practices of Kindergartens, Local Chinese and Non-Chinese Families of Different Backgrounds in Hong Kong 647,550
2021/22 S&T Dr CHEN Jianlin Heterogeneous reaction kinetics of resazurin bio-reduction on paper-based microfluidics for bacteria detection and toxicity measurement 1,581,875
2021/22 S&T Dr Patrick CHEN Xi Interactions between urban microclimates and high-rise commercial buildings integrated with photovoltaic envelopes to optimize energy and indoor environmental performances 1,513,450
2021/22 S&T Dr FU Yaru An Investigation of Reliability-Aware Wireless Edge Caching Networks (WECNs) with Bundle Recommendation 810,850
2021/22 S&T Dr Kevin HUNG King Fai Modelling of Pupillary Muscles' Range Nonlinearity Effects on Pupil-based Evaluation of Autonomic Nervous System 761,400
2021/22 S&T Dr Keith LEE Lap Kei Multimodal Deep Learning for Rumor Detection on Social Media 1,248,950
2021/22 S&T Prof. Fred LEE Wang Fat Community Structure and Metaproteomics of Microorganism Assemblages Collected from Pneumatohpores of Avicennia marina in Mangrove Ecosystem 1,321,400
2021/22 S&T Dr Wyman WANG Weiming Accurate 6D Object Pose Estimation for Automatic Robotic Manipulation in Complex Industrial Environments 860,300
2020/21 A&SS Dr Grand CHENG Hak Land Transitions across productive engagement patterns in late adulthood: Antecedents and consequences $954,370
2020/21 A&SS Dr Christine LO Man Chi Tian Han, the Le Midi Movement, and the Cultural Salon in 1920s Shanghai: Bohemianism and Transcultural Modernity $445,150
2020/21 B&A Mr Jacky CHEUNG Pat Yan Audit Fee and Political Connections: The Moderating Effects of Local Institutional Environment and Gender Diversity $824,944
2020/21 B&A Dr Dawn CHOW Yi Lin Sail away from the safe harbour? Examining the socio-psychological factors influencing Hongkongers to stay in Hong Kong and/or the Greater Bay Area, or to relocate elsewhere for work $826,605
2020/21 B&A Dr Ray HUI Tak Yin A Relational-cognitive Perspective on E-coaching: A Multi-level Moderated Mediation Model of Self-efficacy and Leader-member Exchange $620,243
2020/21 B&A Dr LEUNG Tak Yan Demystifying Audit Pricing: Is There Auditor's Optimistic Bias? $847,406
2020/21 B&A Dr Gary NG Ting Tat Linking moral dilemmas and social dilemmas: Examining moral principles that drive cooperation $986,057
2020/21 N&HS Professor Linda LEE Yin King “Dirty work”: A photovoice study of residential aged care in Hong Kong $803,490
2020/21 S&T Dr Sidney CHAN Man Ngai Chitosan-flocculated microalgal biomass as a supplement of food waste fish feed and its enhancement effects to growth and immunity of Scortum barcoo $871,800
2020/21 S&T Dr Crystal HAN Jie Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management through Scientific IAQ monitoring and App Survey with an indication of energy demand reduction $1,386,950
2020/21 S&T Professor Fred LEE Wang Fat Mechanism Underlying Algicidal Activity of P4, a Novel Bacterium Isolated from an Algal Bloom in Hong Kong, against Icthtyotoxic Dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi $894,800
2020/21 S&T Professor Andrew LUI Kwok Fai Modelling the social aspects of interactive objects for pedestrian trajectory prediction in urban areas $832,700
2020/21 S&T Dr MAK Shu Lun The development of polylactide green composites with coffee grounds and tea leaf powder waste $1,303,000
2020/21 S&T Dr Christie NG Ching Man Investigation of metal oxide-based nanofiber as cost-effective catalyst for biodiesel synthesis $874,675
2020/21 S&T Dr Ernest TSANG Kin Wai An investigation of daylight-linked lighting control system in urban area by simulation approach and development of weather database for daylighting assessment $1,314,119
2020/21 S&T Dr Emily WONG Sze Wan New Development of Rapid and Easy Authentication Method of Single Drug Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) coupled with Chemometrics $1,015,550
2019/20 A&SS Dr Thomas CHAN Kwok Ho The Motives of Intergenerational Transfers in China $511,850
2019/20 A&SS Mr Michael CHEUK Ka Chi Escaping Prestige: The Transmedia Aesthetics of Gao Xingjian’s Post-Nobel Works $638,350
2019/20 A&SS Dr HO Amic Garfield Guiding Emotion: Constructing New Approach for Design Studies $596,663
2019/20 A&SS Dr Terence SHUM Chun Tat Food and music: negotiating diasporic culture, identity and integration among South Asians in Hong Kong $690,698
2019/20 A&SS Dr Gary TSANG Chi Chung Study of Ci Annotation in Republican China (1911-1949) $310,020
2019/20 B&A Dr Maggie CHU Ying Ying On encouraging green living – When does a positive role model backfire $331,737
2019/20 B&A Dr Agol HO Wai Ming The influence of environmental concern on green bond yield $578,550
2019/20 B&A Dr Emmy VAN ESCH The Effects of Expatriate Empowering Leadership on Host Country National Knowledge Sharing: A Self-Expansion Perspective $578,550
2019/20 B&A Dr Matthew YEUNG Chi Hei The Effects of Improved Trade Facilitation and Physical Connectivity of OBOR’s Six Economic Corridors on Trade and the Spillovers Effects from the Economic Corridors $736,675
2019/20 E&L Dr Emily GE Haoyan The impact of bilingual exposure on the language development of Cantonese-speaking children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $659,438
2019/20 E&L Dr Cindy LAM Man Fong Perception and Production of the Putonghua Tone of Non-Chinese Speaking South Asian Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong $575,100
2019/20 S&T Dr Panda CHAN Ping Lung Microbiological and Metagenomic Analysis of the Microbiome and Antibiotics Resistance Genes in Manure from Organic Farms (Phase 1) $1,206,991
2019/20 S&T Dr Crystal HAN Jie Study on Microplastics Pollution and Its Interactions with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Mangrove Wetlands $999,450
2019/20 S&T Professor Andrew LUI Kwok Fai On effective utilization of small training sample for computer short answer grading based on semi-supervised clustering algorithms $894,800
2019/20 S&T Dr MAK Shu Lun The modelling and development of Twin-screw type extrusion system for making recycled filament materials in additive manufacturing $875,250
2019/20 S&T Professor Philips WANG Fu Lee Online Topic Modeling with Applications to Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis $1,605,450
2018/19 A&SS Dr Vicky HO Wing Ki Creativity in Popular Music: A Study of Music-making Practices in the Busking Scene and the YouTube Scene $524,960
2018/19 A&SS Dr LAM Wai Man Traditionalism, Regime Support and Democratic Legitimacy in Hong Kong $968,400
2018/19 B&A Mr Kevin CHU Wing Ki Investigating Impacts of Problem Ownership and Ascription of Responsibility on Sustainable Consumption Behaviour $429,048
2018/19 B&A Dr Louisa LEE Yee Sum Are City Tourism Destinations Prepared for the Touristification of their Intangible Cultural Heritage? $540,600
2018/19 B&A Mr Christophor TSUI Sai Kit An Empirical Study on Relationship between IPO Prospectus Readability and IPO Underpricing $461,250
2018/19 E&L Dr Jessie WONG Ming Sin The Development of Kindergarten Practitioners’ Professional Identity under the Free Kindergarten Education Policy in Hong Kong $784,745
2018/19 S&T Dr Fred LEE Wang Fat Molecular Responses of Fish Gills Experimentally Exposed to Ichthyotoxic Dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi $699,523
2018/19 S&T Dr Douglas NG Kei Shing Radial Basis Functions Method for Medical Imaging Problems $1,165,000
2018/19 S&T Dr Eric SZE Tung Po Investigating the Potential of Using Probiotic Bacteria in Making Traditional Chinese Foods with Health-Promoting Effects and Reduced Carcinogenicity $782,100
2018/19 S&T Dr Steven XU Jingliang Seasonal Succession of Microalgae and their Relationship with Environmental Factors in the Sources of Hong Kong Drinking Water $882,150
2017/18 A&SS Dr HUNG Chi Kum Study of Daren (1970–1973) and Dacheng (1973–1995) and a Discourse on Post-War Hong Kong Culture $446,300
2017/18 A&SS Dr Rebecca LEUNG Mo Ling Shaping and Being Shaped by Multiple Cultural Fields: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Eileen Chang in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan $496,900
2017/18 A&SS Dr WONG Chi Hung A Study of Edo Annotated Editions of Du Fu’s Eight-line Regulated Verse $443,577
2017/18 A&SS Dr YU Xuying Fevers of National Learning in 20th Century China : Post-enlightenment Phenomena $200,200
2017/18 B&A Dr Samuel CHOI Ping Man Quantifying the Impact of Limit Order Book Transparency on Trading Profitability $473,900
2016/17 B&A Dr Maggie CHU Ying Ying Halting wasteful consumption: The differential impact of guilt and shame $460,668
2016/17 B&A Dr Franklin LAM Sze Sing The relationship between corporate philanthropy and corporate financial performance in Hong Kong-listed companies $598,675
2016/17 E&L Dr Vanliza CHOW Mei Yung A study of the language specificness of two nursing specialties $363,500
2016/17 S&T Professor HO Kin Chung Design and development of a big data system for predicting harmful algal blooms $698,725
2015/16 A&SS Dr Eden LI Sum Hung Political discourses in Hong Kong: A systemic functional perspective $690,719
2015/16 A&SS Professor TAM Kwok Kan Revisioning Ibsen: The aesthetics and politics of staging the self in China and Hong Kong $452,216
2015/16 A&SS Dr Anna TSO Wing Bo An investigation of Hong Kong students’ perceptions and experiences of English academic writing: A case study at The Open University of Hong Kong $523,825
2015/16 B&A Dr Toro CHEN Tao Round number biases, buy-sell imbalances and transaction time: The international evidence $460,575
2015/16 B&A Ms Pauline HUNG Hie Yiin CEO compensation and dividend policy in family firms* $439,493
2015/16 B&A Dr Rebecca LAU Suk Yin Why don’t they return the favor? A study of antecedents to team-member exchange and its impact on work-life balance $479,550
2015/16 B&A Dr Eddie LAW Kuok Kei Situated knowledge in power relations: Its legitimization, sharing and appropriation $416,173
2015/16 E&L Dr Polly LAO Kam Ling Teacher knowledge of early childhood teachers in Hong Kong, with a focus on Mathematics in early childhood education $695,405
2015/16 S&T Dr Kevin HUNG King Fai Development of an Exergaming System with Haptic Feedback for the Investigation of Energy Expenditure and Muscle Activities during Sports Training $663,519
2014/15 A&SS Mr Edmund CHENG Wai The dynamics of activism in Hong Kong 2006–2015: An interactive approach $451,545
2014/15 A&SS Professor CHIU Yu Lok Modern South-coming intellectual's impression of Hong Kong and their nationalist awareness $286,626
2014/15 A&SS Dr Winnie CHOR Oi Wan Epistemic modulation and speaker attitude in Cantonese: A discourse-pragmatic perspective $666,421
2014/15 B&A Dr WOO Ka Shing Deciphering the myth of Chinese emotional display: The impact of Chinese cultural values and norms on emotional labour strategies and customer service evaluation $572,700
2014/15 E&L Dr CHAN Chi Wai A study on strategic leadership in Hong Kong kindergartens $688,713
2014/15 E&L Dr Robin YANG Ruo Wei Analysis of repair practice and its relationship with L2 Chinese learning in online tutorial $522,300
2014/15 N&HS Dr Sandy CHOI Pin Pin A phenomenological study of the attributes of the practice environment in Hong Kong residential care homes for the elderly $591,100
2014/15 S&T Dr Eric SZE Tung Po Development of rapid testing methods for the authentication of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM) by mass spectrometry $707,250
2014/15 S&T Dr Angus WONG Kin Yeung Enabling adaptive and secure cloud connectivity for cognitive radio networks $584,200
2014/15 URC Dr LI Kam Cheong Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile learning in nursing education $429,525

3. Funded projects under Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS)

Year Principal Investigator Title Grant
2023/24 Dr HO Amic Garfield Bridging Art and Design with Technology: Explore the New Possibilities in Creativity 589,533
2021/22 Dr Fanny TANG Wai Fan Digital Revolution: Blockchain Technology for facilitating trusted data exchange for Jewellery Industry 447,910
2020/21 Dr Jimmy LI Chi Ho The International Symposium on Virtual /Augmented Reality (V/AR) Inspection Training and Education in Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) $370,860
2016/17 Dr Danny LEUNG Chung Hong Harnessing the latest corpus-based approaches for research $337,131
2015/16 Dr LI Kam Cheong Learning analytics and higher education development: Towards a research agenda $465,952
2015/16 Dr Andrew LUI Kwok Fai Mobile learning: Innovative research topics and applications $443,587
2014/15 Professor IP Yiu Keung Research capability enhancement programme (1) for the self-financing degree sector of Hong Kong $425,500