Master of Science in Smart Ageing and Gerontology

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Programme Title

(Dual Degree) Master of Science in Smart Ageing and Gerontology (MSCSAGF)
(in collaboration with Lingnan University (LU))


Ageing populations are a global phenomenon.  Hong Kong is ageing at an unprecedented pace. The older population is predicted to have a worsening health trajectory which will require a high level of public health financing. The HKSAR government predicts a shortfall of doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals in the coming years. The public healthcare system has to be flexible enough to plan and implement new care delivery models, including those that incorporate modern technologies, gerontechnology in particular, that can assist or even replace in-person interventions to cope with the challenges of an ageing community. Along with the technological advancements in health care, both the government and the ageing care service sector are advocating the design and innovation of technological products, to help older persons better cope with ageing. The programme Master of Science in Smart Ageing and Gerontology (智能安老及老年學理學碩士) is therefore designed for those interested in developing and/ or advancing their careers in the area of services delivered to older persons. It is a new dual Master’s degree programme, conferred by both the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) and Lingnan University (LU).

Programme Aims

Upon successfully completing the programme, students should be able to:

  1. critically evaluate the nature and impact of ageing populations and ageing policies across different regions and cultures;
  2. apply knowledge in gerontechnology to address the emerging needs of ageing
    populations to promote healthy ageing;
  3. apply data analytical techniques to inquire into and resolve challenges in silver care and health promotions;
  4. appraise the impact of advances in genomic sciences on the current knowledge and evidence on ageing, the provision of silver care and the promotion of healthy ageing;
  5. develop new initiatives to build the resilience capacity for health and social care workers.

Programme Characteristics

  • The aim of the programme is to promote active and productive ageing, and to fill in the current gaps by addressing the ongoing demand for talent in the areas of gerontology, modern technology, and science, as well as to promote innovative teaching and learning in gerontology from a sociological perspective.
  • Students will be awarded two master’s degree certificates, one from the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) and the other from Lingnan University (LU), with credit transfers for both sides.

Programme Mode and Duration of Study

The programme will be delivered face-to-face. The study duration will be one year for full-time students or two years for part-time students. The maximum study period will be three years for full-time students and four years for part-time students.

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete all 30 credit units from 9 courses, and to fulfil all graduation requirements to be eligible for the dual award of Master of Science in Smart Ageing and Gerontology.  Students will be awarded two master’s degree certificates, one from the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) and the other from Lingnan University (LU), with credit transfer for both sides. The programme structure is presented below.

Course TitleCredit UnitsOffering University
Ageing Policies in Greater China3LU
Positive Gerontology3LU
Data Analytics in Health and Health Services3LU
Research in Health and Social Services3LU
Frailty in Older Adults3HKMU
Smart Ageing3HKMU
Human Genomics: Implications for Health3HKMU
Building Resilience in the Smart Era3HKMU
Smart Ageing and Gerontology Project6LU and HKMU


Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction of the programme is English.

Entry Requirements

Career Prospects / Professional Recognition *

  • Upon completing the programme, graduates can pursue further studies in areas such as gerontology, public health, nursing and smart ageing.
  • With regard to local employment opportunities, graduates can consider working in hospitals, district health centres, community care services, non-governmental organizations, and Information Technology firms.  Graduates can also consider working in the Greater Bay Area, where healthcare professionals are in high demand.
* Completion of this programme would not lead to eligibility of registering as Registered Nurse (RN) with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong.

Tuition Fee

HKD127,050 (Subject to the final approval from both Universities)

Please refer to the University’s website for details

Online Application

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Admission Enquiry
Tel: 2768 6606

Administration Enquiry
Tel: 3970 2984

Programme Leader: Dr TAM Chun Wai
Tel: 3970 8708

Last update: 10 January 2023