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Prof. Tse Gary 謝家偉教授
PhD Cantab, MD Cantab, DM Oxon, MBBS Imperial, BA (Hons) Cantab
Associate Dean (Innovations and Research)
School of Nursing and Health Studies


Prior to joining HKMU, Prof. Tse held a joint position as Reader at the University of Kent and Public Health Consultant at the Medway Council in local government, UK. He served as Professor at the Department of Cardiology and Principal Investigator at the Tianjin Institute of Cardiology, Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, China. He is a Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey, and an Honorary Associate Professor at the School of Pharmacy, University College London. Previously, he held visiting positions at the First Affiliated Hospital, Dalian Medical University and Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital, Xiamen University.

He is an expert reviewer for >50 international journals in cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular biology and epidemiology and five grant bodies from New Zealand, Poland, Sweden and the UK. Recently, he was part of the team that successfully obtained £5 million for research capacity building from the National Institute for Health and Care Research, UK.

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Personalised care
  • Individualised risk prediction
  • Predictive analytics
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Selected Publications


  • Dash, S., Pani, S.K., Abraham, A., Susilo, W., Cheung, B.M.Y., Tse, G., eds. Elsevier. (2023) Use Cases Of IoT and Machine Learning for Type I and Type II Diabetes.

Book Chapters

  • Li, X., Lee, S., Bazoukis, G., Tse, G.#, Liu, T.# (2022) Clinical Applications of Machine Learning in Heart Failure. In State of the Art in Neural Networks and Their Applications, Volume 2, First Edition. By Ayman S.El-Baz Jasjit Suri, eds. Elsevier.
  • Li, K.H.C., Tse, G., Liu, T., Yan, G.X. (2019) Anti-arrhythmic effects of non-antiarrhythmic drugs or therapies. In Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias, Third Edition. By Gan-Xin Yan, Peter R. Kowey, and Charles Antzelevitich, eds. Humana Press.

Journal Articles

  • Zhang, N., Jia, Z., Gu, T., Zheng, Y., Zhang, Y., Song, W., Chen, Z., Li, G., Tse, G.*, Liu, T.* (2023) Associations between modifiable risk factors and frailty: a Mendelian randomisation study. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. jech-2023-220882. PMID: 37604674. Impact factor: 6.3.
  • Li, H., He, C., Zhu, R., Chen, F.M., Wang, L., Leung, F.P., Tian, X.Y., Tse, G., Wong, W.T. (2023) Type 2 cytokines promote angiogenesis in ischemic muscle via endothelial IL-4Rα signaling. Cell Reports. 42(8):112964. PMID: 37556326. Impact factor: 8.8.
  • Zhang, N., Wei, Z., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Q., Chen, Z., Tse, G., Li, G., Liu, T., Wu, S. (2023) Association of Life's Essential 8 with incident atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in cancer patients: The Kailuan prospective cohort study. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. zwad256. PMID: 37527528. Impact factor: 8.3.
  • Chan, J.S.K., Satti, D.I., Dee, E.C., Sharma, G., Virani, S.S., Liu, T.*, Tse, G.* (2023) Association between psychological distress and cardiovascular health amongst cancer survivors in the United States: findings from nationally representative data. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 13:zwad162. PMID: 37178316. Impact factor: 8.5.
  • Tse, G., Shao, Q., Liu, J., Zhang, Y. (2023) The Potential Impact of the 2022 ESC Cardio-Oncology Guidelines on Clinical Practice in China. JACC: CardioOncology. 5(1):153-155. PMID: 36875905. Impact factor: 8.4.
  • Li, X., Chan, J.S.K., Guan, B., Peng, S., Wu, X., Lu, X., Zhou, J., Hui, J.M.H., Lee, Y.H.A., Satti, D.I., Tsang, S.L., Wu, S., Chen, S., Tse, G.*, Liu, S.* (2022) Triglyceride-glucose index and the risk of heart failure: Evidence from two large cohorts and a mendelian randomization analysis. Cardiovascular Diabetology. 21(1):229. PMID: 36329456. Impact factor: 9.0.
  • Chan, J.S.K., Tang, P., Ng, K., Dee, E.C., Lee, T.T.L., Chou O.H.I., Lee, Y.H.A., Lau, D.H.H., Liu, T.*, Tse, G.* (2022) Cardiovascular risks of chemo-immunotherapy for lung cancer: a population-based cohort study. Lung Cancer. 174(22):67-70. Impact factor: 6.1.
  • Lee, T.T.L., Hui, J.M.H., Lee, Y.H.A., Satti, D.I., Shum, Y.K.L., Kiu, P.T.H., Wai, A.K.C., Liu, T., Wong, W.T., Chan, J.S.K., Cheung, B.M.Y., Wong, I.C.K., Cheng, S.H.*, Tse, G.* (2022) Sulfonylurea is associated with higher risks of ventricular arrhythmia or sudden cardiac death compared to metformin: a population-based cohort study. Journal of the American Heart Association. PMID: 36102222. Impact factor: 5.5.
  • Zheng, Y., Zhang, N., Wang, Y., Wang, F., Li, G., Tse, G.*, Liu, T.* (2022) Association between leucocyte telomere length and the risk of atrial fibrillation: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis. Ageing Research Reviews. 81:101707. PMID: 35932977. Impact factor: 11.8.
  • Chou, O.H.I., Mui, J., Chung, C.T., Radford, D., Ranjithkumar, S., Evbayekha, E., Nam, R., Pay, L., Satti, D.I., Garcia-Zamora, S., Bazoukis, G., Çinier, G., Lee, S., Vassiliou, V.S., Liu, T., Tse, G.*, Wong, I.C.K. Cardiovascular Analytics Group, the International Health Informatics Study Network (2022) COVID-19 vaccination and carditis in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Research in Cardiology. PMID: 35906423. Impact factor: 6.1.
  • Lee, Y.H.A., Zhou, J., Hui, J.M.H., Liu, X., Lee, T.T.L., Hui, K., Chan, J.S.K., Wai, A.K.C., Wong, W.T., Liu, T., Ng, K., Lee, S., Dee, E.C., Zhang, Q.*, Tse, G.* (2022) Risk of new-onset prostate cancer for metformin versus sulphonylurea use in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a propensity score-matched study. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 20(6):674-682.e15. PMID: 35714677 Impact factor: 12.7.
  • Chan, J.S.K., Satti, D.I., Lee, Y.H.A., Hui, J.M.H., Lee, T.T.L., Chou, O.H.I., Wai, A.K.C., Ciobanu, A., Liu, Y., Liu, T., Roever, L., Biondi-Zoccai, G., Zhang, Q., Cheung, B.M.Y., Zhou, J.*, Tse, G.* (2022) High visit-to-visit cholesterol variability predicts new-onset heart failure and adverse cardiovascular events: a retrospective population-based cohort study. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. PMID: 35653641. Impact factor: 8.5.
  • Chou, O.H.I., Zhou, J., Lee, T.T.L., Kot, T., Lee, S., Wai, A.K.C., Wong, W.T., Zhang, Q.P., Cheng, S.H., Liu, T., Vassiliou, V.S.*, Cheung, B.M.Y.*, Tse, G.* (2022) Comparisons of the risk of myopericarditis between COVID-19 patients and individuals receiving COVID-19 vaccines: a population-based study. Clinical Research in Cardiology. PMID: 35333945. Impact factor: 6.1.
  • Tse, G., Liu, T., Roever, L., Lee, S. (2022) The Women's Leadership Gap in Diabetes: A Call for Equity and Excellence. Diabetes. 71(1):e1–e2. PMID: 34995349. Impact factor: 9.5.
  • Zhou, J., Lee, S., Wong, W.T., Bin Waleed, K., Leung, K.S.K., Lee, T.T.L., Wai, A.K.C., Liu, T., Chang, C., Cheung, B.M., Zhang, Q.*, Tse, G.* (2021) Gender-specific clinical risk scores incorporating blood pressure variability for predicting incident dementia. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 29(2):335-347. PMID: 34643701. Impact factor: 7.9.
  • Zhou, J., Lee, S., Wang, X., Li, Y., Wu, W.K.K., Liu, T., Cao, Z., Zeng, D.D., Leung, K.S.K., Wai, A.K.C., Wong, I.C.K., Cheung, B.M.Y., Zhang, Q.*, Tse, G.* (2021) Development of a multivariable prediction model for severe COVID-19 disease: a population-based study from Hong Kong. NPJ Digital Medicine. 4(1):66. PMID: 33833388. Impact factor: 11.7.
  • Zhou, J., Lee, S., Guo, C.L., Chang, C., Liu, T., Leung, K.S.K., Wai, A.K.C., Cheung, B.M.Y., Tse, G.*, Zhang, Q.* (2021) Anticoagulant or antiplatelet use and severe COVID-19 disease: a propensity score matched territory-wide study. Pharmacological Research. 165:105473. PMID: 33524539. Impact factor: 10.3.
  • Zhou, J., Wang, X., Lee, S., Wu, W.K.K., Cheung, B.M.Y., Zhang, Q.*, Tse, G.* (2020) Proton pump inhibitor or famotidine use and severe COVID-19 disease: a propensity score-matched territory-wide study. Gut. gutjnl-2020-323668. PMID: 33277346. 5-year impact factor: 31.8.
  • Tse, G.*, Zhou, J., Lee, S., Liu, T., Bazoukis, G., Mililis, P., Wong, I.C.K., Chen, C., Xia, Y., Kamakura, T., Aiba, T., Kusano, K., Zhang, Q., Letsas, K.P. (2020) Incorporating latent variables using nonnegative matrix factorization improves risk stratification in Brugada syndrome. Journal of the American Heart Association. 9(22):e012714. PMID: 33170070. Impact factor: 6.1.

Selected Professional & Community Services

  • Nucleus Committee Member, Population Health Section, European Association of Preventive Cardiology
  • Deputy Representative for the Accreditation Sub-Committee, EAPC Accreditation and Certification Committee
  • Member, International Society for Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE)-Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) Writing Group on Monitoring
  • Secretary, International Society for Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE)- International Society of Electrocardiology (ISE) Joint Scientific Documents Committee
  • Member, Board of Trustees, International Society for Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE)
  • Nucleus Committee Member, Young Community, Board Member, and Secretary to the Council, International Society of Electrocardiology

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