In the Spirit of Mutual Help, Together We Fight the Virus

School of Nursing and Health Studies In the Spirit of Mutual Help, Together We Fight the Virus

In the Spirit of Mutual Help, Together We Fight the Virus

12/05/2020- 01/06/2020

The “Home Health Watch – Health Volunteer Training Programme” organised by our School has provided the local community with free health volunteer training for the sixth consecutive year so as to encourage mutual care in the neighbourhood of the community and to promote the culture of a “Self-Strengthening Community in the Spirit of Mutual Help”. The Memorial Park, one of our partner organisations of this programme, has been actively participating in health promotion activities for many years.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for anti-epidemic items in the community has dramatically increased. During the months of May and June, our School received over 700 bottles of 75% alcohol-based rinse-free handrubs from the Memorial Park. Through the network of the “Home Health Watch – Health Volunteer Training Programme”, our School packed anti-epidemic bags with this batch of alcohol-based handrubs plus the hand hygiene promotion leaflets and anti-epidemic motivational cards made by our School. These anti-epidemic bags were then donated to a number of social welfare agencies and volunteer groups which have been in collaboration with our programme. They included the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society – Shun On Service Centre, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui – Lok Man Alice Kwok Integrated Service Centre, the Housing Society Community, and the Eternal Life Music Charity Foundation. With the help of health volunteers, the anti-epidemic bags and health information messages were given out to the needy in the community.

alcohol-based rinse-free handrubs and anti-epidemic motivational cards