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The DIY Studio, located in the Ho Sik Yee Library (JCC), is a self-service studio that allows you to transform your creative thinking into your digital video quickly and handily in a professional way.  The studio, equipped with a high-definition video camera and high-performance computers, helps you to record your presentations and insert your slides or multimedia elements into the background simultaneously.  Users do not need video production knowledge in advance, with just a few simple steps and your works will be outputted in video format.  You can take your video away with your portable storage device.  It's easy and stress-free!  This new facility is brought to you by the Library, ALTO and ITO.

Technical Specification & User Tips

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How to Book?

HKMU Students

Booking through the "Online Booking System for Amenities" (OBSA)

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HKMU Staff

Please contact the Library for booking

Tel.:  3120 2555 (Ho Sik Yee Library Service Counter)


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HKMU Staff, HKMU active full-time students or LiPACE full-time students of eligible programmes who have campus library access privilege.

  • The Studio is for groups of 1 to 4 users
  • 1-hour per session is available for booking from 30 minutes after the Library opens until 30 minutes before the Library closes, on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Each eligible user can have a maximum of 2 booking sessions per day.
  • Booking can be made through the Online Booking System for Amenities (OBSA) with 3 days in advance.
  • Users must present their HKMU Student ID Cards when claiming the room at the Service Counter.
  • Booking must be claimed 10 minutes from the start of booking session, otherwise the session will be forfeited and the booking will be counted against the booking quota.
  • The Studio is strictly for HKMU related learning, teaching, and research activities only.
  • All users must present their own valid HKMU Student ID Cards.  Using others’ Cards / lending Cards to others is strictly prohibited.
  • Bookings are not transferable.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Studio.
  • All equipment is for use inside the Studio only.
  • No furniture should be moved in/out to/from the Studio.
  • Users are not allowed to change the cable connection and equipment settings in the Studio without approval.
  • Using of combustible materials or sharp-edged tools in the Studio is strictly prohibited.  Users are not allowed to use any devices/materials which can generate smoke or fog in the Studio.
  • Users are not allowed to post anything in the shooting area.
  • Any damage of the equipment, furniture or fixtures in the Studio should be reported to the Ho Sik Yee Library Service Counter immediately.  Users will be held liable for the damage of the equipment/furniture in the Studio arising from negligence or intentional acts.
  • Before leaving the Studio, users should check that they have saved their work files in their own storage device(s).  All files saved on the computer will be deleted immediately after the computer is turned off.  Recovery of the files is impossible once they have been deleted. 
  • Users must clear their personal belongings and leave the Studio clean after use.  Library staff members will remove any personal belongings left behind ad no further notice will be given.
  • The Library is not responsible for the security of personal belongings.
  • Noise must be kept to the lowest possible level.
  • All University and Library regulations and rules are applicable to the Studio.
  • The Library may update or revise the terms of use at any time without further notice.

User Guide