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Photocopying and Printing

The campus libraries provide Octopus card operated photocopiers and printers for  photocopying and printing. Users can print documents using the network printers via the Internet workstations. They can also use their notebook computers to connect to the network printers for wireless printing. Please read the Instructions for Wireless LAN service and the Configuration guide for Wireless Printing for more details. Besides, an express printing station is available for users to print out documents from their storage devices without the need to log in.

Charges for Photocopying and Printing

Size & Type
A4 Black & White
A3 Black & White
A4 Colour
A3 Colour



Book scanners
Book Scanners are provided in both campus libraries.  The book scanners have high scanning speed, the ability to recognize and correct for curved, incorrectly positioned, or soiled pages and the ability to quickly and easily convert scanned pages to more useful formats (PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, or text documents, etc.).


“Scan-to-email” and “Scan-to-USB” functions have been enabled in all photocopiers in both campus libraries. Flatbed scanners are also provided.

If you choose to send the scanned documents to your HKMU email or other email account(s), it is recommended to limit the file size to 20MB per file (i.e. scanning no more than 100 sheets of A4 papers in B/W 200dpi or no more than 30 sheets of A4 papers in Colour 200dpi per time).

If you choose to send the scanned documents to your USB, please note that:

  • The USB memory is formatted in FAT32 format. NTFS and exFAT are not supported.
  • No security functions such as encryption and password lock have been added.
  • It is suggested using USB Type-A flash memory as the storage device. Other types of USB flash memory are not supported.

Flatbed scanners
In addition to the scanning services above, flatbed scanners are also provided in the Library.

**Users are reminded to observe the Copyright Ordinance (The Laws of Hong Kong, Chapter 528,**