Power Bank Loan Service

Library Using the Library Facilities Computers and Equipment Power Bank Loan Service

Power Bank Loan Service is provided at the Stanley Ho Library, the Ho Sik Yee Library, and 1/F lobby of the Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare. This is a service jointly introduced by the Library, FFMO, and HKMUSU, and provided by ChargeSpot. To borrow the power banks, please download the ChargeSpot app from App Store/Google Play and create an account.

ChargeSpot Rental Station at Stanley Ho Library,
Main Campus

ChargeSpot rental station in Ho Sik Yee Library

ChargeSpot Rental Station at Ho Sik Yee Library,
Jockey Club Campus

ChargeSpot Rental Station at 1/F lobby,
Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare

About the Power Bank

Sizes: 145mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 15mm (H)

Weight: 160g

Capacity: 5,000mAh (DC5V/2A)

Charging cables: Equipped with Lightning (MFi-certified), Micro-USB and Type-C cables

How to Rent

  1. Download ChargeSpot App or scan QR code with App Clips / WeChat Mini Programme / AlipayHK Mini App / UnionPay App.
  2. Enter phone number to get verification code and login.
  3. Scan the QR code on rental station to rent.
  4. Pay the rental fee.

How to Return

  1. Return to the rental station with empty slots in Stanley Ho Library of Main Campus, Ho Sik Yee Library of Jockey Club Campus or 1/F lobby of Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare.
  2. Search for rental station with empty slots in your vincinity if you are not in the HKMU campus.
  3. Insert power bank into empty slot.
  4. Check rental record and confirm the rental is completed.

This video demonstrates how to rent and return ChargeSpot power bank.

Rental Fee

  • HK$5 per hours (special rate for power banks rented from the HKMU campus)
  • HK$30 per day (24 hours)
  • HK$198 deposit (applicable to non-credit card payment only)

About the Service Provider

This service is provided by ChargeSpot, a Hong Kong power bank sharing service provider. 

ChargeSpot website: https://www.charge-spot.net/

Enquiry hotline: 2135 6702