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Why these library resources are my favourites……

HKMU course materials

“I can preview the course materials including books and DVD before deciding to apply for the courses and consider the sequence of the courses. The progress and exam result would be better with detailed planning.”

Tong Kit Man
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Electronics
Year 1 Student

“Before applying for the courses of next semester, I can borrow the course materials from the library. Every time I borrowed the course materials at the counter, the service of the library staff was quite friendly. You can borrow the material for two hours every time. So you can have sufficient time to get the information and decide to apply for the course or not. The course materials give me reference to consider for application of courses as my study programme is Bachelor in General Studies. As the course materials of past semesters are similar to following semester, they are useful to me.”

Tung Sau Ching
Bachelor of General Studies

Library Guides

“The Library Guides are series of web-based guides curated by our information services librarians to help you navigate through library resources and services and make the most of them for your study and research. These online guides are organized by subjects or topics bringing together essential resources, guidance and library information in one convenient place. The subject guides cover all subject areas of the University's teaching programmes and the topic guides provide guidance or tutorials on important topics such as citing sources of information, avoiding plagiarism, how to find past examination papers, and many more.”

Mr Tam Man Lik Owen

教學資源 Teaching Resources


教育榮譽學士 (中國語文教學) 及 語言研究榮譽學士 (應用中國語言)
Year 3 Student






Lau Hiu Yan Olivia
Year 3 Student