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Why these audio-visuals materials are my favourites……

Basic attending skills

“This video is a good resource for students to learn and master the fundamental skills of listening, especially in the counselling setting. The skills demonstrations enable students to recognize how to conduct a counselling session with various skills.”

Mr. Huang Qi Lu Louis
Assistant Lecturer
School of Arts and Social Sciences

Educating Rita

“This is a film adaptation of a stage play of the same title. Rita, who is the main character in the film, is a young adult who has decided to join the Open University as a student, not to get a qualification for a job, but simply to “find herself”. She takes English Literature courses, and is assigned a tutor who has already lost his passion in teaching and, I would say, in life. Their meetings are full of funny interactions, because of the difference in their class background, and their way of looking at life and its meanings. I have watched the film many times and each time the conversations in the film remind me of my original reason for taking up a career in education. This is also a film I have used in my own teaching a lot – many of my students have enjoyed the fun, the craziness, and most importantly, the questions asked in the film. I feel this is one film that all university students should watch, and in turn reflect on their own decisions about their own lives.”

Prof Amy Lee
School of Education and Languages

French corporate culture

“Short and practical.”

Miss Diana Au Yeung
Senior Lecturer
Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration