Library User Support FAQ

FAQ – Off-campus access to library-subscribed e-resources

1. I see a login page when I access library-subscribed e-resources at home. Why?
You must have proper remote access connection before accessing library-subscribed e-resources from off-campus. You should type in your User ID and Password, then click “Submit”.
2. When I access library-subscribed e-resources from off-campus, I see a warning messge. What should I do?
If you see the message below, please click “Yes” to proceed.
If you see the message below, please click “Continue to this website (not recommended)” to proceed.
If you see the message below, please right click the yellow bar and select “Display Blocked Content” to proceed.
3. I bookmarked some resource pages before. However, the bookmarks do not work now. Why?
You are recommended to access the resources via LibSearch each time.
4. I fail to log into my Library Account. Why?
Here are the possible reasons: 
i. You may not have access right to library-subscribed e-resources from off-campus. Please check the access codes printed next to the “Valid Till” date at the back of your student identity card.
“L” – Stands for the right to enter the OUHK campus libraries and access library-subscribed e-resources from off-campus
“LC” – Stands for the right to enter the OUHK campus libraries only
“LE” – Stands for the right to access library-subscribed e-resources from off-campus
“P” – Stands for the right to access the PC laboratories
Special note for Distance Learning students: Distance learning programme students who are not currently registered in a course are classified as inactive students. Access library-subscribed e-resources from off-campus is not available.

ii. You typed in incorrect User ID and Password. Please check your User ID and Password format.
iii. Connection may fail if your network (e.g. office's network) has firewall installed.
4. I forgot my Library Account password. How can I reset it?
Please refer to Library Account and User ID & Password > Password Management for details.
5. I take OU courses again after lapse of several semesters. Is the previous password still valid? Do I have to reset the Single Password?
You are advised to reset your Single Password in order to log into your Library Account and other OUHK online services.