SAO X Library: Comfort Paws                                              

Library SAO X Library: Comfort Paws                                              

除咗「Comfort zone」🌙外,學生事務處 @hkmusao hkmusao 同圖書館仲會喺4月會舉行 「Comfort Paws」⚡️畀大家放鬆吓心情,我哋仲邀請咗奇妙嘅訪客——治療犬🐶及其引導員🤩!

治療犬(Therapy Dog)指受過專業訓練、性情穩定而且親人嘅狗狗🫡。人喺接觸動物嘅時候,往往可以卸下心房,以真實與放鬆嘅狀態同動物相處、並享受當下🫶🫶。運用動物療癒嘅力量,可以幫助人穩定情緒、學習社交、以及建立心靈連結🤝。感覺難受嘅時刻,往往最需要陪伴與支持嘅力量👫,在這裏你能感受最真摯而貼近嘅陪伴🐾。

1. 活動採取walk in 的形式,不需要預約報名參加。
2. 如人數太多,需輪候參加。
3. 如對活動内容有查詢,可致電2768 6205聯絡輔導員Bobo或Pak。

Apart from the “Comfort Zone”🌙, we are excited to bring you “Comfort Paws”⚡️ events to make your Wednesdays and Fridays more enjoyable and entertaining. In April, we have some fantastic visitors in the Library for you – Therapy Dogs🐶 and their handlers🤩!

Therapy Dogs are specially trained, affectionate, and have stable temperaments. Interacting with animals often brings a sense of relaxation and coziness.🫶🫶 Animals have a unique “healing power” that can help stabilize our emotions, improve communication skills, and foster connections with others.🤝 Let's come together and have a fabulous time with these therapy dogs during our “Comfort Paws” events!🐾

💡Details of “Comfort Paws”:
Dates: 3,5,10,12*,17,19,24,26 April 2024 (Wednesday & Friday)
*On April 12th, the available timeslot is 11:30 to 13:30.
Target audience: HKMU Full-time students
Location: Ho Sik Yee Library Learning Commons) @hkmulib

1. Welcome for walk-in, while reservation is not required to participate in the event.
2. If the number of participants exceeds the capacity, you will need to wait to join.
3. If you have any inquiries about the activity, please contact the counselor Bobo or Pak at 2768 6205.