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Library Regulations

1. Library opening hours

The opening hours will be determined by the Librarian and will be adjusted according to the demand for library use and staff availability. Details will be displayed at the entrance of the HKMU Library and posted on the Library website.

2. Admission to the Library

(a) Admission to the Library will be permitted only upon presentation of a valid HKMU Identity Card¹, HKMU Library Borrower’s Ticket or Reader’s Ticket. 

(b) HKMU Library Borrower’s Ticket and Reader’s Ticket are limited to the use of Library facilities and services only. They are not transferable and any loss of them must be reported without delay. There may be a replacement charge.

(c) Students who have been inactive² for not more than one year may gain limited access to the HKMU Library’s facilities and services. See the Library’s notices posted at the entrance of the Library for the latest arrangement.

(d) HKMU Library Ticket charges:


Ticket charges

Reader’s Ticket

Borrower’s Ticket

HKMU Graduate³

HK$50/annual fee

HKD350/annual fee(with remote access to selected E-resources)

HK$1,000/annual fee(with remote access to selected E-resources)

Other educational Institutes-Academic (Individual)

HK$1,500/annual fee plus HK$500/deposit4

HK$3,000/annual fee

Public non-profit making organization (Corporate)

HK$500/annual fee plus HK$500/deposit4

HK$5,000/annual fee

Public profit making organization (Corporate)

HK$2,000/annual fee

HK$5,000/annual fee

Charge for card replacement is HK$50.

(e) Visitors must first obtain a special permit from the Librarian prior to using any services available in HKMU Library.

¹ HKMU staff should consult the HKMU Human Resources Office for their Staff Identity Card. HKMU retirees should consult the HKMU Human Resources Office for their Retiree Identity Card. Registered students should obtain their Student Identity Card from Registry. Student status is determined by the highest level course(s) a student is currently enrolled in.

² Distance learning programme students who are not currently registered in a course are classified as inactive students.

³ LiPACE programmes are not included.

4 For expired tickets, requests for refund of the deposit, if applicable, should be made within one year upon the expiry of the Ticket. Requests made after the 1-year period will not be accepted.

3. Borrowing regulations

(a) A valid HKMU Identity Card or Borrower’s Ticket issued by HKMU Library must be presented when borrowing materials (print and non-print). They are not transferable.

(b) Borrower categories and borrowing limits:

Borrower Categories

General Collection

Reserve Materials*

Loan quota

Initial loan periodMaximum loan period

Hold quota

Loan Quota 

Loan Period^






Academic/administrative staff60903604032
General grade staff303012020
Postgraduate students609036040

Undergraduate and sub-degree students
(including students taking LiPACE eligible programmes)

(including HKMU graduates and HKMU retirees, visitors, and outsiders)
*Refer to the “Reserve Materials” section below.
^ Loan period may vary with the nature or playing time of the item.


The following can be used in the HKMU Library only

      • Reference materials;
      • Reserve materials, including AV materials (except special reserve materials);
      • Periodicals and newspapers.

(c) Borrowing procedures:

All items must be checked out at the Service Counter or self-checkout machine. Only materials from the General Collection are allowed to be removed from the Library after checking out. Other materials, such as reserve materials, reference materials, AV materials, periodicals and newspapers are normally not allowed to be removed from the Library. Special permission may be granted by the Librarian only under rare circumstances.

(d) Overdue materials:

It is the borrower’s responsibility to return loaned items on or before due date or time.

(e) Fines:

All borrowers who return loaned items late will be subject to an overdue fine.

Library privileges will be withheld until the borrower completely settles his or her overdue fines at the Service Counter.



General Collection

HK$3 per day

Reserve materials

HK$3 per hour

Non-circulating materials*

HK$3 per day

*If the Librarian grants special permission for checking out non-circulating materials from the Library.

(f) Renewals:

Renewals must be done by the borrower himself/herself on or before the due date/time. All loaned items of the General Collection can be renewed anytime until the maximum loan period is reached. No renewal will be allowed if the item has been requested by another borrower.

(g) Reserve materials:

Reserve materials include all AV materials, CD-ROMs, computer manuals, slides, course materials, set books and accompanying materials. Reserve materials are not allowed to be removed from the Library, except special reserve materials. The borrowing period for reserve materials is normally two hours. A student’s borrowing rights may be suspended if a reserve item is not returned on time. Borrowing rights will be resumed when the item is returned. Students may borrow up to three reserve materials, in different formats, at a time.

(h) Reservations:

The requester will be notified to collect the item(s) from the Service Counter within 7 days. Items that are not picked up within that period will be returned to the General Collection for normal circulation, or will be passed to the next requester, if applicable.

(i) Interlibrary loans:

Interlibrary loan service is available to full time academic and administrative staff. Students taking postgraduate or project-oriented courses can apply for interlibrary loans and may be subject to a service charge. Materials obtained through interlibrary loans will be subject to the loan policy of the lending institution. Library staff will clearly explain the related procedures and regulations to enquiring borrowers.

(j) Return procedure:

Borrowers can return all loaned items to the Service Counter during regular library hours, or the 24-hour Library Book Return at the Library entrance of the two campus libraries.

(k) Loss and damage:

Any mutilation, damage or loss of library materials must be reported to library staff immediately. Borrowers will be held responsible for loss or damage to any items on loan to their account. Borrowers may be required to pay the full item value plus the shipping and handling fees for the replacement. Lost or damaged materials will continue to be the property of the HKMU Library even if a replacement charge has been paid.

(l) Special rules:

The HKMU Library reserves the right to make special rules on library use and borrowing as appropriate for the proper management of the library facilities and services. Any changes will be posted on the Library Homepage.

4. Seat reservation

(a) Reservation of seats in the Library is not permitted. Any seat left vacant for fifteen minutes may be taken by another library user. Any items left unattended for more than fifteen minutes may be reported to the Service Counter.

(b) Under special circumstances, reservation on numbered seats in the HKMU Library may be carried out by the Library, e.g., during examination periods. No advanced booking or choice of seat can be made. Please refer to the Library’s notice board for details and the latest arrangement.

5. User conduct

(a) Library users should follow the instructions on the proper use of the Library as displayed in the Library or given verbally by library staff.

(b) Library users should use their proper University Identity Card or Library Ticket to gain entry through the Library’s Access Control System. Library staff may refuse entry if users cannot produce a proper University Identity Card or Library Ticket or establish their bona fide identity.

(c) It is the user’s responsibility to attend to their personal belongings. The HKMU Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.

(d) Unauthorized removal and/ or mutilation of Library equipment/ materials/ resources, print and/ or non-print, either in whole or in part, or any attempt to do so, will subject the offender to serious disciplinary action.

(e) Library users shall enter/ leave the Library through the designated entrance/ exit unless directed otherwise by the Librarian and/ or library staff.

(f) Silence must be observed within the Library and adjacent areas except for designated spaces. Users are reminded to switch off all beeping devices such as alarm watches, pagers and mobile phones while studying in the Library.

(g) Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Library. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Library except for designated areas.

(h) Anything which, in the opinion of the Librarian (or library staff or security guards), may interfere with the proper use and management of the Library is not permitted within the Library. For example, food and/ or drinks, games of any form, using music/video player. All filming, photographic, imaging and recording activities must be approved by the Librarian in advance.

(i) Library users shall not wear clothing likely to soil Library property. All Library materials and resources must be kept clean.

(j) Library users shall not damage, mutilate or deface any of the Library materials or resources.

(k) At the request of the Librarian or the library staff in charge, the user shall display personal belongings for inspection at the Library exit. Users may also be required to show the contents of their bags, cases or other containers.

(l) Library users shall not copy any data from their own software onto the hard disk of any computer in the Library. The University reserves the right to erase any such data on HKMU computers without notice and without making a copy.

(m) Library user shall not copy to their own storage device any data from the hard disk of any computer in the Library without the permission of the University.

(n) When using the Library’s self-service photocopying/printing machines, users must observe copyright law. The University and HKMU Library shall not be held responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights that might arise from a user copying any material or data. The Library does not guarantee that photocopying/printing facilities will be available at all times. Users shall pay for any photocopies/printing.

(o) Library users must comply with all University regulations and instructions.  The Librarian may suspend or permanently exclude a Library user who fails to comply with those regulations and instructions or who acts in any way which interferes with the convenience of other Library users or the work of the Library staff or the convenience of other campus users as deemed by the campus management authorities from the Library.

(p) The Librarian may from time to time make special regulations regarding admission to and use of particular areas of the Library.