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Organizing Committee

OC Chairman (General) Dr. KF Tsang
OC Co-Chairman & Section Chairman Mr. Henry Au
OC Co-Chairman Mr. Ben Li
Dr. Kevin Hung
Honorary Advisor Prof. Ada Fung
Mr. WI Ho
Mr. John Chan
Mr. Bruce Chan
Dr. YH Shum
OC Vice Chairman Dr. Tony Lee
Mr. Calvin Hung
Mr. Jim Chim
Mr. Raymond Chan
OC Hon. Secretary Ms. Happy Chan
Ms. Candice Chow
OC Hon. Treasurer Ms. Aubrey Lam
Mr. Paul Ho
MC Mr. Walter Tsang
Ms. Dion Lam
Sponsorship Mr. Jason Lai (Chair)
Mr. WC Tsang (Vice Chair)
Technical Programme Dr. YH Shum (Chair)
Dr. Ivan Ho
Dr. Michael Leung
Local Arrangement Mr. Jeremry Wong (Chair)
Mr. WK Shiu (Chair)
Mr. Ray Ng (Chair)
Mr. Alick Mak
Mr. Johnson Wong
Web Master Dr. Tony Lee (Chair)
Ms. Happy Chan (Chair)
Publicity Mr. Chris Lam (Chair)
Ms. Heidi Ko (Chair)
Mr. Tommy Lau
Mr. March Lau
Event Advisor Dr. Nelson Koo
Mr. WK Leung

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