International Conference on Open and Innovative Education Presentation-Session4

Parallel Paper Presentation Session IV

Day 2: 14 July (Thursday), 13:30-15:00

Room 1
(Venue: D0808)

Room 2
(Venue: D0809)
(Student Paper Presentation Session)

Room 3
(Venue: D0811)
Innovations in curriculum and pedagogyInnovations in curriculum and pedagogyEngaging students and learning design

Innovation in STEM Education: A Case Study of Teachers’ STEM Perceptions and their Professional Competence Perceptions

Hong Yu Connie Au and Nilüfer Evişen
Gaziantep University

The Effect of ITE Workshops on Undergraduate Chinese EFL Student Teachers’ Perception of Professional Identity in Technology-Enhanced Language Learning

Jiaqing Wang and Difei Shi
Shanghai International Studies University

Online Learning Attitude, Online Peer Collaboration and Online Engagement Among Online Learners of Higher Education Institutions: The Mediating Role of Psychological Motivation

Liana Mohamad, Zahir Osman, Ratna Khuzaimah Mohamad and Norjaya M.Yasin
Open University Malaysia

Would participating in asynchronous virtual exchange affect intercultural communicative competence among undergraduate students?

Curtis Chu, Todd Hooper, Mariko Takahashi and Michael Herke
Setsunan University

Using collaborative reading with concept maps to promote critical thinking ability of postgraduate students

Xiaoying Liang and Jing Leng
East China Normal University

Open education/OERs/MOOCs

An evaluation model based on process mining approach for predicting MOOC learning performance: Students’ online learning behavior analytics and algorithms construction

Yao Tong and Zehui Zhan
South China Normal University

Teaching Literary Translation with a Parallel Corpus for Tang Poetry and Song Lyrics

Lei Wang and Houfeng Wang
Peking University

Academic/Learning analyticsAI/VR/AR in education

Evaluation of practice and design of construction management and quantity surveying capstone course in New Zealand from students’ perspective

Vicky Lin and Kam Yuen Cheng
Ara Institute of Canterbury

A Pilot Study Investigating Immersive Virtual Reality in Design Education

Amarpreet Gill, Derek Irwin, Sannia Mareta, Dave Towey and Yanhui Zhang
University of Nottingham Ningbo China

An Empirical Study on Online Teaching Method Based on Deep Cognitive Tools

Qingquan Meng
Capital Normal University

Educational technologyImpacts of pandemic on online learning

Reviewing L2 Self, Identity and Motivation in Second Language Acquisition: Suggesting Multilingual Identity in Technology Enhanced Language Learning

Jiaqing Wang and Hui Jin
Shanghai International Studies University

Investigation of University Engineering Students’ Acceptance of E-learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ping Geng and Yuanshuai Liu
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hailiang Wang
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Natalia Churchill
The University of Hong Kong

Strategies used to teach online in an EdTech low Resource Environment During COVID-19: A qualitative case study of the University of Zambia

Enala S. Lufungulo and Kenndy Mwila
Peking University

Elastus Mambwe
University of Zambia

Perceptions of the Elderly in Experiencing Zoom Learning Under the Effects of COVID in Hong Kong

Ka Wai Ching, Kam Pong Wong and Ching Yan Wong
Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Yuk Kwai Lee
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong

A Study to Investigate the Transition in Students’ Approaches to Learning from Physical to Online Environment

Yuk Ting Hester Chow and Nathan Nexus Khong-Thai Phua
College of Professional and Continuing Education, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Manlin Xiao and K. L. Keung
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Chi Ho Jimmy Li
Hong Kong Metropolitan University