Taster Lessons 課堂體驗

Department of Humanities, Language and Translation Taster Lessons 課堂體驗



As one of the largest film industries in the world, Hollywood helps to promote American culture to the international audience. How does the influence of Hollywood's representation of American culture go beyond the cinema? The talk will introduce Hollywood's cultural impact and its relevance to us.

Speaker: Dr. Charlie Ng

When you hear Taylor Swift sing “But she wars short skirts/I wear T-shirts/She's cheer captain/And I'm on the bleachers” from the song “You Belong With Me” (2008), do you think of these words as poetry? Why or why not? This taster lesson revisits our common perceptions of poetry and popular song lyrics, and probes deeper into where these assumptions come from.

Speaker: Dr. Michael Cheuk

From a linguistic approach, we will guide you through the steps and find out the answer to the following interesting question: Parrots can “talk” like humans. What distinguishes human languages from animal languages?

Speaker: Dr. Patrick Lee

People often take for granted that as long as you are well educated and capable of speaking two languages, you can be a translator. The talk today is going to break this commonly held myth. Why being a bilingual is not enough for being a translator? What awareness do you need before you can become a professional translator?

Speaker: Dolly Liu