Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics

Department of Humanities, Language and Translation Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics
Programme TitleMaster of Arts in Applied English Linguistics
Mode of StudyFull-time/ Part-time
Normal Period of Study1 year (Full-time); 2 years (Part-time)
Number of Credit Units30
Medium of InstructionEnglish

Aims and Objectives

Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics (MAAELF) is designed to meet the growing demand from professionals and individuals who are concerned with the use of language. It introduces students to the application of linguistic theories and methods in a variety of professional settings. MAAELF is therefore relevant not only to language teachers, but also to those who have a general interest in language issues or engage in solving language-related problems in other professions.

MAAELF aims to help students develop:

    • a broad understanding of the systems of English;
    • a general knowledge of the central issues in applied linguistics;
    • the skills required for conducting research in applied linguistics; and
    • a critical awareness of the role of language in addressing real-world problems in various academic, professional, and social contexts.


    • Local and non-local students with diverse interests and backgrounds are welcome.
    • A wide range of courses are offered so that students can build a solid foundation while enjoying the flexibility to pursue their specific interests.
    • Classes are held on weekday evenings and/or weekend afternoons.
    • Scholars and practitioners in the field are invited to give seminars which widen students' exposure.

Programme Structure

  • Programme Structure (2023 Autumn intake and thereafter)
Students are required to complete:
1. 18 credit units of compulsory courses
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Unit
LANG 8101AEFEnglish Language Systems 13
LANG 8102AEFEnglish Language Systems 23
LANG 8103AEFCurrent Issues in Applied Linguistics3
LANG 8104AEFResearch Methods in Applied Linguistics3
LANG 8105AEFLanguage, Culture and Society3
LANG 8106AEFApproaches to Discourse3
2. 12 credit units of elective courses^
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Unit
LANG 8201AEFGlobal Englishes3
LANG 8202AEFLexis3
LANG 8203AEFCritical Discourse Analysis3
LANG 8204AEFRhetoric and Stylistics3
LANG 8205AEFSecond Language Writing3
LANG 8300AEFDissertation*6


^ Courses to be offered may vary from year to year.
* Approval is required to take this course.

Mode of Course Delivery

Courses are delivered face to face on campus. Classes are held on weekday evenings and/or weekend afternoons. The language of instruction is English.

Professional Recognition

The programme is approved by the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government:
    1. as a recognized English language major degree programme on the SCOLAR list;
    2. as a qualification meeting the language proficiency requirement of an English language major degree; and
    3. for the Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Language Teachers.


The programme, which commences in September, accepts applications during the period of November to July on a rolling basis. Please visit the Registry's website for the most updated admission schedule.


Dennis Chau