Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Language and Culture

Department of Humanities, Language and Translation Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Language and Culture

Programme Outline

Programme Title Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Language and Culture
Programme Code
JS9019 (JUPAS)
Mode of Study
Full Time
Number of Credits
160 credits (4 Year Curriculum)


The full-time programme “Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Language and Culture” is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the English language through a variety of courses in literary works, linguistics and multimedia texts. As a language cannot be adequately mastered in isolation from the study of the cultural environment in which it developed, this programme also intends to equip students with a solid understanding of the expansion of western culture in the context of globalization.

Outstanding Feature

The programme is approved by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government:
(i) as a recognized language major degree programme;

(ii) as a programme accepted for grants under the Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Language Teachers.

Programme Structure

  • Programme Structure

Students must complete 160 credits.

(i) 60 credits of compulsory courses from Table 1 (each course carries 5 credits);
(ii) 60 credits of elective courses from Table 2 (each course carries 5 credits);
(iii) 20 credits of outside discipline courses (each course carries 5 credits); and
(iv) 20 credits of purpose-designed General Education (GE) courses.

Table 1: Compulsory Courses

Foundation level courses
ENGL A102FClassic American Films
ENGL A103FBritish and American Short Stories
ENGL A131FIntroduction to English Fiction
ENGL A132FIntroduction to English Drama and Poetry
Middle level courses
ENGL A203FHitchcock Films
ENGL A204FModern British and American Drama
ENGL A206FAsian Writings in English
ENGL A211FThe Structure of Modern English: Words and Sentences
ENGL A221FThe Structure of Modern English: Sounds and Meaning
ENGL A235FWorld Englishes and Globalization
ENGL A236FEnglish-language Media and Pop Culture
ENGL A241FEnglish Language and Hong Kong Culture

Table 2: Elective Courses

Middle level courses
ENGL A205FFolktales and Children's Literature in English
ENGL A222FEnglish Grammar and Usage
ENGL A231FEnglish Literature in the Modern World
ENGL A232FSocio-cultural Issues in English Literature I
ENGL A233FSocio-cultural Issues in English Literature II
ENGL A237FCulture and Adaptation Studies
ENGL A238FBritish and American Food Culture in Media
ENGL A239FHorror, Violence and Culture
ENGL A240FCultural Representations of the Metropolis
Higher level courses
ENGL A321FShakespeare
ENGL A322FChinese Literature in English Translation
ENGL A324FTopic(s) in Chinese-Western Comparative Literature
ENGL A326FThe Poetics of English in Popular Song Lyrics
ENGL A340FSpecial Topic(s) in Cultural Studies
ENGL A341FResearch Methods for English Studies
ENGL A342FMajor English Authors
LANG A333FIntroduction to Sociolinguistics
LANG A334FStylistics
LANG A338FSemantics
LANG A336FDiscourse Analysis
LANG A339FPragmatics
“Outside discipline” Courses, such as:
World Cinema
New Media Culture
Museum Studies
Cultural Identities and Advertising
Foundations of Social Sciences: Economics
Introductory Comparative Politics
Introduction to Public Administration
Foundations of Social Sciences: Sociology
Social Problems and Social Issues
Cultural Issues and Translation
Literature and Translation
20 credits from General Education Elective Courses provided by MUHK

Career Prospects and Further Studies

The programme prepares graduates for employment in:
(i) civil service
(ii) administration
(iii) teaching
(iv) academic research
(v) journalism and publishing
(vi) mass communication and media writing
(vii) arts development and management
(viii) public relations in creative industries

Graduates of the programme may proceed to postgraduate studies in Hong Kong or overseas on humanities subjects such as Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Museum Studies, Anthropology, Fine Arts and etc.


有意報讀此課程的學生必須符合本校 一般入學要求。


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