Workplace Ergonomics Assessment

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Workplace Ergonomics Assessment



What is Workplace Ergonomics Assessment ? 

Workplace Ergonomics Assessments examine a person's working environment that benefits the user's needs—working in the same position for long cause a great deal of strain on our bodies.

Neck, back and wrist pain is commonly found among office workers due to poor posture and incorrect setting of the workstation. 

Patients could be beneficial from having the ergonomics assessment as follow:

  • Increase the efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce discomfort and risk of injury 


Management of Workplace Ergonomics Assessment

At HKMUPC, we assess your workstation and advise on the optimal set-up at work.

We also provide musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment, targeting conditions related to poor working posture.

A holistic exercise program will be provided for our clients to practise at work and home.