Neurological Rehabilitation

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Neurological Rehabilitation


What is Neurological Rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation assesses and treats conditions originating from the body's nervous and neuromuscular systems. Common neurological disorders include stroke and Parkinson's disease.

Patients with neurological conditions experience muscle weakness, poor balance and coordination, muscle spasms, tremors and reduced sensation, resulting in the loss of function and reduced quality of life.

The aim of physiotherapy neurological rehabilitation:

      •  Improve balance, coordination and mobility
      •  Optimise physical function
      •  Maximise independence

Management of Neurological Rehabilitation

Based on the initial assessment, we identify the problem caused by the neurological conditions and formulate an individual treatment plan that targets your needs and goals.

The rehabilitation plan included:

      • Gait training
      • Balance and coordination exercise
      • Active and passive limbs exercise
      •  Electrical modalities if need