Finance Office Main Services Rendered Procurement
Main Functions:
  1. To keep under constant review of the University's procurement policies and procedures to help users to acquire goods and services in a well justified, timely and cost-effective manner.
  2. To handle all procurement of goods and services and to manage the Central Store. To review purchase requests to provide necessary advice to users in justifying the requests.
  3. To provide one-stop-shop procurement services, through sourcing and selecting suppliers, obtaining favorable terms and conditions, awarding tenders, issuing contracts, following up on delivery and assisting users in securing after-sale services.
  4. To maintain a competitive environment fostering fair and healthy competition among suppliers.
  5. To administer various insurance policies to mitigate University’s risk exposure.
Information to Supplier:
  1. General Terms and Conditions of Contract
  2. Supplier Registration System
  3. Supplier Disciplinary System
  4. Download Autopay Authorization Form