Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities Management Office Useful Information Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Campus Operating Hours
  2. Open Area for the Public
  3. Courtyards
  4. Booking of Teaching Venues
  5. Exhibition Gallery, Banners and Counter Areas
  6. Parking
  7. Catering and Banking Facilities, Breastfeeding-friendly Premises
  8. Student Accommodations and Recreational Facilities
  9. Photography and Videography
  10. Promotional Activities and Leaflet / Souvenir Distribution
  11. Survey Activities
  12. No Smoking Policy on the University Campuses
  13. Pets on Campus

A. Opening Hours of the Campuses

Question A1What are the operating hours of the University campuses
The normal operating hours of the University campuses (the Main Campus and the JCC) are 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight daily. To facilitate the University's routine maintenance and cleaning work, visitors are required to leave the University campuses before/by closing time. For security purposes, staff and students coming onto the University campus outside of normal operating hours are required to present a valid staff/student identity card to the security officers. Other users who need to stay on the University campus outside of normal operating hours are required to inform the FMO in advance with the endorsement of the designated schools/offices.

B. Open Area for the Public

Question B1Which part of the University campuses are open to the public?

The University welcomes the public to visit the University's courtyards, such as the Siu Tsang Fung Kwan Square on the Main Campus and the Open Plaza on the JCC, during the University's normal operating hours. To ensure a safe and secure environment for teaching, academic and student-related activities in teaching venues, the public is not permitted access to laboratory areas, offices, and roof tops

C. Courtyards

Question C1What types of activities are allowed to be held in the courtyards?

The courtyards are designated for dining, leisure, study, and interactive purposes. Individual staff members and students can freely use the courtyards for study and discussion. Schools/units/offices/student organisations may apply for permission to use spaces designated for holding exhibitions, booths, and academic/student-related activities

Question C2May the public carry out personal activities in the courtyards?

Our campuses are private properties, but their courtyards are open to the public to foster community liaison. However, the public is NOT allowed to conduct surveys or personal activities in said areas. The public is allowed to take a short rest in the seating areas of the while visiting the University campuses.

D. Booking of Teaching Venues

Question D1May the University venues be booked or used by external organizations?

Yes. Some University venues may be used by external organisations. Interested parties should click HERE for more information.

Question D2Can individual students book the auditorium/lecture theatres/tutorial rooms/computer laboratories?

Only the Students' Union, student societies, and designated parties recognised by the Student Affairs Office are eligible to make bookings.

However, individual students can book consultation rooms, study rooms, and group study rooms in the Computer Centre, the Stanley Ho Library (Main Campus), and the Ho Sik Yee Library (JCC).

Question D3Are there any suitable venues for organising seminars and/or conferences?

The BOC Lecture Theatre, the Serena Yang Lecture Theatre, the Si Yuan Lecture Theatre, the Jockey Club Auditorium, the Lu Sin Lecture Theatre, and some lecture theatres on the Main Campus, the JCC, and the Kwai Hing Campus are suitable for seminars and/or conferences.

Question D4Which office should be approached to make venue bookings?

The FMO, which can be contacted HERE.

E. Exhibition Gallery, Banners and Counter Areas

Question E1How can permission be obtained to display banners, promotional materials, and exhibits in the University?

The University provides space and venues for events and displays that serve to support the academic activities and strategic plan of the University. All booking applications must be made in writing to the FMO for processing at least 8 working days (or 2 months for the Exhibition Gallery) before the intended event / exhibition.

Banners/display items may only be posted or installed at designated locations on campus and for a defined period of time, subject to the approval of and conditions set out by the FMO. For details, please click HERE.

There is also an exhibition gallery located on Level 1, Block D of the JCC. For details, please click HERE.

The University reserves the right to prevent any event/exhibition and to remove and dispose of any banners/display items without prior notice at its discretion, for safety, hygiene, or statutory reasons, or in the case of non-compliance.

F. Parking

Question F1As a staff member, how can I apply for a parking space? As a student, can I apply for a parking space?

For staff, there is an annual parking space allocation exercise. There are also (limited) temporary parking spaces on campus, which are available for staff, tutors, or students who present a valid carparking coupon to our security officers before entering to a carpark at the following times:

Monday to Friday: 18:00 to 24:00

Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays: 08:00 to 24:00

For details, please click HERE. For carparks available near campus, please click HERE.

G. Catering and Banking Facilities, Breastfeeding-friendly Premises

Question G1Are there any eateries and banks on campus? Are there any breastfeeding facilities on campus for students and staff?

Yes. Eateries offering various cuisines are available on both the Main Campus and the JCC, please click HERE.                                             

A bank is available on the Main Campus. For details, please click HERE.

For breastfeeding facilities, please click HERE as well.

H. Student Accommodation and Recreational Facilities

Question H1Are there any on-campus student hostels at the HKMU?

Currently, there is no on-campus hostel at the HKMU. However, off-campus student accommodation services are provided to non-local Year 1 students. Please refer to Student Affairs Office's website for further details.

Question H2What kinds of sports facilities are there at the HKMU?

There are different kinds of sports facilities on campuses, such as Sports Hall .Please refer to the sports facilities section under “Campus Information” on our website.

I. Photography and Videography

Question I1Are photography and videography allowed in the communal areas of the University? Do I need to apply to do wedding photography and videography on campus?

Members of the University and the public may take personal photos or film personal video clips in the open areas of the University, such as the courtyards and communal areas, provided that doing so does not disturb or offend the subject(s) and that the photos or videos are not intended for commercial purposes. The University reserves the right to stop photo-taking or video-filming on the University campuses if the FMO identifies it may adversely affect the image of the University and/or has commercial purposes. For details, please click HERE.

Only HKMU alumni, current students, and current staff are eligible to application for permission to take wedding photos or film wedding videos. Please send the following details via email to of the Main Campus and the JCC at least 7 working days in advance, to facilitate the application.

Details to be provided in the request email:

  • Your full name in Chinese and English, complete student ID number, degree, and year of graduation (for alumni). For current staff, please provide your full name in Chinese and English, staff number, and current school/unit.
  • The date of your scheduled wedding photoshoot or video shoot. Please note that only Sundays and statutory holidays outside examination periods and Congregation periods will be considered for on-campus wedding photography or videography. Relevant parties are also welcome to check the availability of the proposed dates.


J. Promotional Activities and Leaflet / Souvenir Distribution

Question J1May students distribute leaflets / souvenirs in the communal areas of the University?

Representatives of student organisations may distribute leaflets/souvenirs in the communal areas of the University provided that they do not affect the traffic flow or cause safety problems. Prior permission must be gained from the Student Affairs Office/Students' Union for the distribution of leaflets/souvenirs in areas overseen by the Student Affairs Office/Students' Union.

Question J2Are commercial promotion or leaflet distribution allowed on campus?

Any commercial activities, including the distribution of leaflets for commercial purposes, are NOT allowed on campus without specific and prior approval from the University.

K. Survey Activities

Question K1May students conduct surveys in the communal areas of the University?

Students may conduct surveys approved by their school/unit in the communal areas of the University, provided that the surveys do not affect traffic flow or cause inconvenience to other users. Students are advised to inform the FMO via their school/unit of the location of the survey before it is conducted, so that the concerned security teams are in a position to help if necessary.

L. No Smoking Policy on the University Campuses

Question L1Can I smoke in the outdoor areas of the campuses?

Under the Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Ordinance enacted on 1 January 2007, smoking – which includes carrying a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe on the University campus (all indoor and outdoor areas) – is strictly prohibited. Violation of the law may incur a maximum fine of $5,000.

Question L2What action will be taken by the University if smokers are found on campuses?

On-duty security officers are instructed to issue immediate warnings to smokers and to document their personal information. If smokers refuse to cooperate with the on-duty security officers, the University reserves the right to report such violations to the Tobacco Control Office of the Department of Health and/or other law enforcement authorities, such as the police.

M. Pets on Campuses

Question M1Can visitors, staff, and students bring pets onto campuses?

Licensed guide dogs brought by members of the University community, visitors, and other parties with visual impairments, or guide dogs under training by authorised organisations, are welcome on campuses. The provision of prior notice to the Facilities Management Office is highly appreciated.