Teaching Venues

Facilities Management Office University Facilities Teaching Venues


(approx. 400 seats)

Lecture Theatres

(approx. 300 seats)


Tutorial Rooms

(approx. 50-100 seats)

Computer Laboratories

(approx, 40 seats)


A wide range of teaching venues and facilities are provided at HKMU's Main Campus, Jockey Club Campus, Institute of Healthcare, Kwai Hing Campus, and HKMU-CITA Campus in support of the University's various teaching activities. These different-sized teaching venues, equipped with up-to-date IT and AV equipment, include the following spaces: an auditorium, lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, creative arts studios and laboratories, a design studio, science laboratories, an environmental laboratory, a technology laboratory, a clinical nursing education centre, and testing and certification laboratories.

Most of these teaching venues are open year-round with normal daily operating hours of 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Some of these facilities are open for booking, depending on availability. Please visit the Venue Booking webpage for details