Regulations Governing the Use of Student Lockers

Facilities Management Office University Facilities Student Locker locations Regulations Governing the Use of Student Lockers

1. Lockers are allocated to successful applicants by lot (not first-come-first-served basis).
2. Each student shall be entitled to apply and use ONE student locker only. Students submitting more than one application will be disqualified from the locker application exercise.
3. Successful applicants have no choice over the locker location and number.
4. Student lockers are provided mainly for storing books, notes, stationery and related learning materials. Storage of any items that would cause or likely to cause security risk, physical danger or nuisance to the campus environment or members of the University are prohibited (e.g. valuables, explosives, pets, etc). Students are strongly advised not to store valuable items in student lockers.
5. The right to use the locker is non-transferable.
6. Paid rental fee upon successful application is not refundable. No partial refund upon early surrender.
7. Students must take full responsibility for the assigned lockers. The University should not be liable for any loss or damage of any padlock or of any items kept inside the lockers howsoever caused.
8. Students should prepare their own padlocks and lock up the assigned lockers as soon as possible. Assigned lockers without padlocks will be considered as unauthorized use. Found items will be handled according to university policies.
9. Unauthorized use of lockers is strictly forbidden.
10. The lockers are properties of the University. Students are not allowed to make any alterations to the lockers. No stickers or pictures are to be adhered to the locker surfaces.
11. Students should report any damage or faults of their lockers to Facilities Management Office immediately. The University reserves the right to charge the students any expenses incurred for repairs of lockers.
12. Students must remove the padlocks and their belongings from the lockers at the end of the rental period. After the rental period, FMO reserves the right to cut open the locker without prior notice and handle found items according to university policies.
13. The University reserves the right to, without notifying the user in advance, cut open any locker in case of emergency or any violation of the above regulations.
14. Any violation of the above regulations by the user may result in termination of use of his/her assigned locker. User concerned may be debarred from future use of locker.
15. The University reserves the right to, with prior notice to the user, terminate the use of assigned locker.
Please contact Hong Yip at 3120 2413 for enquiries.