Facilities Management Office Services Campus Parking PARKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS

The following are parking terms and conditions upon which motor vehicles (including motorcycles) are permitted to park in this carpark of Hong Kong Metropolitan University (abbreviated as University):-
  1. This carpark opens from 0800 to 2400 daily.
  2. All drivers shall acquaint themselves with and comply with the relevant provisions under the Road Traffic Ordinance and Regulations.
  3. Neither the University nor its agent or representatives will be liable for the loss of and/or damage to any motor vehicle, the driver or any passenger or any of their property due to any cause whatsoever. All vehicles parked in the University carpark are entirely at the owner's and/or driver's risk.
  4. The owner and/or driver of vehicle parked in the carpark must bear all liability for and indemnify the University against all damage to property and/or persons on campus arising from or incidental to his/her use of the campus carpark.
  5. The owner and/or driver of vehicle shall be responsible for any damage to the structure of and/or fixtures or equipment in the carpark and in the event of such damage shall pay to the University on demand the cost including but not limited to repairing or replacing the same. The University shall have absolute authority to assess the costs of repairing or making good the damage. In the event of default of payment of the costs, the University shall take any steps to recover such costs as the University considers appropriate.
  6. No unauthorized vehicle shall be parked in the carpark.
  7. Unauthorized vehicles or vehicles parking in spaces other than designated car parking spaces will be impounded or removed without notice. Release will be made only after payment of a charge in the amount as prescribed by the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region together with the respective parking fee. The University will not be liable for any loss or damage to the vehicles by such impounding or removal of vehicles.
  8. The owner and/or driver of vehicle must park their vehicle in the designated parking space and within parking space markings.
  9. The owner and/or driver of vehicle have to use either the staff access card issued by The University or to follow the direction given by the security guard when entering or leaving the carpark.
  10. The owner and/or driver of vehicle have to display the parking permits properly on the windscreen of their vehicles.
  11. Due to limited number of parking spaces, the University reserves the right to allocate designated parking space to a limited number of staff (Reserved Carpark Users), and temporary parking spaces for students, tutors, non-Reserved Carpark Users and persons with impaired mobility.
  12. In the event of official functions, the owner and/or driver of vehicle should follow special carpark arrangement made by the University. Reserved Carpark Users other than President/Deans/Directors shall be required to spare their parking spaces for the function day(s) on a roster basis. Non-Reserved Carpark Users may be requested to vacate their parking spaces temporarily as required by the University functions.
  13. Student/Tutor/Retiree/Non-Reserved Carpark User with the Disabled Person’s Parking Permit authorized by the Transport Department can apply for free temporary disabled parking on first-come-first-served basis.
  14.   (a) Student/Tutor/Retiree/Non-Reserved Carpark User is required to tender valid car parking coupon(s) to the security guard before entering to the carpark at the following hours:
Mon – Fri :   1800 – 2400
Sat, Sun & PH : 0800 – 2400
(b) The security guard may refuse entry of the vehicle if the owner and/or driver of vehicle fails to produce valid carpark coupon.
(c) If the Student/Tutor/Retiree/Non-Reserved Carpark User parks their vehicle longer than the time covered by the presented carpark coupon, the Student/Tutor/Retiree/Non-Reserved Carpark User has to provide additional coupon(s) to the security guard. The security guard has the right to record down details of Student/Tutor/Retiree/Non-Reserved Carpark User for appropriate action should he/she fails to produce additional coupon(s).
(d) Carpark coupons can be purchased from the Information Centre on Main Campus during its opening hours, Security Control Room on Level G of Jockey Club Campus and Security Guard House at Carpark Entrance of Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare.
(e) Parking is subject to availability of parking space, on first-come-first-served basis.
  1. No overnight parking is allowed except the official or authorized vehicles.
  2. No smoking is allowed in the carpark and campus.
  3. No owner or driver of vehicle shall wash his/her vehicle by obtaining water from any water drainage/tap in the carpark. Unauthorized use of water may be liable for prosecution and fine.
  4. All owners and/or drivers are required to turn off the engine of their vehicles during parking time in the carpark.
  5. All owners and/or drivers of vehicle must obey and observe the above Parking Terms and Conditions. The University reserves the right to review and promulgate new Parking Terms and Conditions as and when required to effectively manage the carpark for the benefits of all carpark users.