Campus Security

Facilities Management Office Safety, Health & Environment Campus Security

The FMO has arranged a security services contractor to safeguard University users and to enforce the rules and regulations of the University. It also bolsters the University's operations and activities, such as students' enjoyment, self-learning, group discussion, and University functions at various scales. Our security guards serve the University community around the clock, in a capacity that includes but is not limited to general enquiries, campus patrol, access control, lost and found items, monitoring and responding to various security alarms/building detection systems, managing emergency incidents, and enforcing strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the University.

Guard Posts
Guard posts are set up at the major entrances on Main Campus and Jockey Club Campus
CCTV Surveillance

CCTV cameras are installed to cover major campus entrances, exits and communal areas for security surveillance purpose.

Security Services Contractor
Main Campus and Jockey Club Campus
Name of Contractor:
Hong Yip Service Company Limited
Enquiries and Comments on Performance:
3120 2413 (Our Facilities Management Services provider – Hong Yip)