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In 2016, the OUHK embarked on new educational initiatives to meet Hong Kong's development and manpower needs and commenced a new campus development project : the OUHK Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare (IOH). Situated at the junction between Fat Kwong Street and Sheung Shing Street which has a gross floor area of about 19,000 square meters. It is located right opposite OUHK's Ho Man Tin Main Campus. Its close proximity to the main campus enables the new building and the existing campus to form a natural cluster for maximum synergy.

On completion in 2020, the total gross floor area of OUHK's campus in Ho Man Tin has come around 73,000 square meters. More teaching and learning facilities such as lecture theaters, nursing and healthcare laboratories, student activities rooms, learning commons etc., were provided on campuses for our students and staff. This is our fourth building in the area and its prominent and central location in front of Princess Margaret Road has made it an iconic facility in the neighborhood.