Know Your Campus Quiz: Terms and Conditions

Facilities Management Office Know Your Campus Quiz: Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions 條款及細則
  1. The “Know Your Campus Quiz” (referred to as the “quiz” below) is hosted by Facilities Management Office (FMO). The game is held from 1 to 14 March 2024.

      「都大尋秘大考驗」 (下稱「問答比賽」) 由校園設施管理處(下稱「本處」)主辧。 本遊戲由2024年3月1至14日舉行。

  1. By participating in the quiz, participants will be deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions set by the FMO.


Eligible Participants 合資格參加者:
  1. Only full-time students of HKMU are eligible to participate in the quiz.


  1. If any information provided by the participants is wrong or unclear or registered repeatedly, the FMO reserves the right to disqualify such participants from winning any prizes.


Registration 登記:
  1. Participants must join the quiz via the designated link.


  1. Personal information must be provided for registration.


  1. Each eligible student can only participate in the quiz once and can only enter the lucky draw once.


  1. If the same student ID number is found to have been submitted to the quiz repeatedly, the FMO will disqualify such participants.


Result Announcement 結果公佈:

   9. The prizes will be allocated in the following order:

        i) Participants who answered all questions correctly will enter the lucky draw and get the prizes first.

        ii) If no participants can answer all questions correctly or there are prizes left, those participants with the highest number of correct answers will then enter the lucky draw to win the remaining


        iii) If there are still prizes left, participants with the second-highest number of correct answers will enter another round of the lucky draw to win the remaining prizes, and so on and so forth.


        i) 參加者答對所有問題,便可以參加大抽獎,優先嬴取奬品。

       ii) 如沒有參加者能答對所有題目或有尚餘奬品,則以答對最多問題的參加者,以抽籤形式決定餘下奬品的得獎者。

       iii) 如尚餘奬品,則以第二答對最多問題的參加者,以抽籤形式決定餘下奬品的得獎者,以此類推。

  1. Winners will be notified by email to their student email accounts.


Prize Redemption 領取奬品:
  1. All prize winners must collect the prizes within the designated prize collection period. The FMO reserves the right to re-allocate the prize after the deadline.


  1. All prizes given out by the FMO are non-transferable and prizes may not be exchanged for other service(s).


  1. There is no cash alternative and the prizes must be taken as offered. The FMO reserves the right to substitute prize(s) of an equivalent value should the Game prizes become unavailable for any reason. If any winner is not able for whatever reason to accept his/her prize then The FMO reserves the right to award the prize to another winner.

         得獎者不得要求轉換其他獎品,及不可將獎品兌換現金。 如果遊戲獎品因任何原因無法獲得,本處保留替換同等值獎品的權利。

  1. No warranty or maintenance service will be provided for the prizes.


Personal Data 個人資料:
  1. All personal data of the participants collected in the game will be kept confidential and used for the game related promotion matters only.


  1. The FMO staff will take photos of the prize draw winners and prize presenters during prize collection. The photos may or may not be used in FMO promotional materials, at the discretion of the FMO.


General 一般事項:
  1. The FMO reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any winners that it deems to be in breach of the above Terms and Conditions. Decision made by the FMO shall be final.


  1. In case of any inconsistencies between the English version and Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.