Story Fun Day

School of Education and Languages Story Fun Day

Story Fun Day

Year 4 students of Bachelor of Education with Honours in Early Childhood Education (Leadership and Special Educational Needs) at Hong Kong Metropolitan University successfully organized the event of “Story Fun Day” on Sunday, March 26, 2023. Many kindergarten principals, parents, and children were invited to participate in the event.


Based on the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide” (2017), our students created 6 story theatres and 18 activity booths that covered the six learning areas of Physical Fitness and Health, Language, Early Childhood Mathematics, Nature and Living, Self and Society, and Arts and Creativity. The event also included a display of magnificent teaching materials and photo backdrops related to the stories created by our students.


To prepare for this event, students participated in workshops conducted by the tutors in the previous semester, which covered storytelling skills, layout design and decoration, drawing techniques, and creative music activities. Students actively engaged in all aspects of preparation activities of the “Story Fun Day”, including planning, designing, decoration, as well as interacting with children and guest during the event. They regularly reflected upon themselves during the process, learnt to handle difficulties and developed leadership skills. Each of the story theatres and activity booths presented their unique characteristics and provided fruitful learning opportunities for the children who participated in the event.


The success of the event has been well recognized by all the participating kindergarten principals, tutors and parents. This event has definitely provided valuable learning experiences and memories to our graduating students.