Services Introduction

School of Education and Languages Language Centre Services Introduction
One-to-one consultation sessions

One-to-one consultation sessions support students in improving their speaking, writing, reading, listening and/or presentation skills. Students should be prepared with any questions, assignments and/or materials they would like to review with their tutor. Please send any materials and/or book pages via email at least 48 hours in advance.

*Note: Proofreading assignments will require students to schedule a session with the tutor in advance, and be worked on together.

English Corner

The English Corner functions as a discussion group, mediated by an English instructor. Students engage with each other regarding a topic of the day and are encouraged to utilize new vocabulary and different speech patterns.

Speaking Workshops

Speaking sessions will focus on enhancing student's pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and knowledge of sentence structures, as well as verbal professional and casual communication skills. These sessions aim to make student's more confident when expressing their ideas and opinions, and when asking and answering questions.

Writing Workshops
To improve writing, students will be given topical prompts. Prompts will focus on enhancing written professional and casual communication, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, and ability to craft an appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion.
Listening Workshops
Listening sessions aim to improve verbal English comprehension. During these sessions, students will be shown a piece of media such as a song or short film. Afterward, they will be tasked with answering prompts and discussing its contents.
Reading Workshops

Reading sessions aim to improve written English comprehension. During these sessions, students will read a passage such as a magazine or news article. As they read the passage out loud, the instructor will correct any pronunciation errors. Afterward, students will be tasked with answering prompts regarding the passage and discussing its contents.

Cultural Workshops

Culture and language are interwoven. Our cultural workshops are designed to widen students' horizons by introducing them to the ways in which various cultural facets such as food, music, art, customs and literature would leave a footprint in language.