Graduation Arrangement

Distance Learning Students Graduation Graduation Arrangement

Graduation Period

If you will have successfully completed the appropriate number of relevant credits and will have satisfied the requirements for the award, you can apply to the University for graduation after sitting for the examination of your last course.

The dates shown below may be subject to change. Please refer to student announcement on the University's website for the relevant update.

Application PeriodDeadline for Confirmation of Graduation and Payment of Graduation FeeConferment DateCollection of Award Certificate
Students who intend to graduate after Dec 2023/Jan 2024 examinations18 December 2023 – 5 January 202429 January 202415 March 2024April 2024
Students who intend to graduate after April/May 2024 examinations15 April – 2 May 202427 May 202410 July 2024August 2024
Students who intend to graduate after Aug 2024 examinations30 July – 13 August 202429 August 202430 September 2024October 2024

Application for Graduation

Step 2: Receive an email acknowledgement after successfully submitted the application

Step 3: Receive a notification email about prospective graduate status

Step 4: Submit online confirmation of graduation to confirm intention to graduate and pay graduation fee by stipulated deadline

Step 5: Check email notification for application result

Step 6: Collect award certificate and transcript according to stipulated schedule

Certification / Classification of the Degree with Honours

  1. The University shall mark the conferment of a degree by the presentation of a certificate of conferment to each graduate. The certificate shall be in English and Chinese and will include the graduate’s full name, degree awarded, degree programme completed, where applicable, and classification (if any). Where no appropriate name in Chinese exists for a graduate, the name in English will be used throughout. Such a certificate shall be issued free of charge only once in respect of each conferment.


  1. The University shall provide each graduate with a transcript of courses taken (including any courses from which the graduate was excused), including all the information given on the certificate of conferment, the name of the programme of study where applicable and also for each course the level, the result (including Withdrawal, Deferment, Fail, Fail-Resit, etc.), the number of credits obtained and the month and year of registration on the course. Such a transcript shall be issued free of charge only once in respect of each conferment.


Important Note:

It is the University's policy to retain award certificates and transcripts for collection up to 31 December of the following year after graduation (e.g. for 2021 graduates, the deadline for collection is 31 December 2022).  After that date, all uncollected award certificates and transcripts will be confidentially disposed without any further notice. If you wish to get these documents afterwards, you will need to submit relevant applications with a fee


If you have any questions on the above arrangements, please contact Advanced Standing & Graduation Team of the Registry on 2768-6683 or by email at