Deferment of Exam and Resit Exam

Distance Learning Students Examinations and Assessment Deferment of Exam and Resit Exam

Deferment of Examination

A student who is absent from an examination without permission from the School concerned will not be granted another chance to take the examination.

In the case of absence from an examination because of unforeseen serious illness with sick leave granted, a student should submit a relevant medical certificate together with Form E-DA “Application for Examination Deferment” to the Examinations & Assessment Team of the Registry within seven days from the respective examination.

Late applications or applications without sufficient supporting documentation will NOT be processed.

The medical certificate(s) should be issued by registered doctors or registered Chinese medical practitioners. The date(s) of sick leave granted must include the examination of the course(s) concerned. For medical reason known before the examination, the application for deferment of examination should be submitted no later than 7 days before the respective examination date.

If you have achieved a pass in the overall continuous assessment (if required) for the course and have completed any compulsory or attendance requirements, and your reason for absence is deemed by the University to be acceptable, you may be allowed to defer the examination once exceptionally.

Examination deferment will NOT be considered if students are not able to achieve an overall continuous assessment (OCAS) of 31 or above.

If you have been approved for deferment of examination, you are required to sit the examination in the next regular examination of the courses concerned, or within one year after the end of the current presentation. No alternative arrangements will be given and an automatic failure would be awarded if you are absent from the deferred examination. Deferment of examination is normally not applicable to resit examination(s).

Students who have withdrawn from studies are not allowed/eligible to sit for the deferred examinations.

Resit Examination

At the discretion of the Award Committee, a student marginally failing an examination may be granted a chance to resit the examination to be held in the next available examination session provided for the course concerned. The resit examination will normally coincide with the regular examination of the next presentation of the course. If the next presentation of the course does not commence within one year from the current presentation in which the student enrolled and failed, the resit examination will be held within a one-year period after the end of the current presentation.

A student taking a resit examination will be required to pay a resit examination fee HK$220 (per course). A student who has withdrawn from his/her studies at the University before the resit examination is held shall not be permitted to attend the resit examination.

A student failing to achieve a Pass grade after the resit examination shall be required to retake the course, if available, in order to be considered for the award of credits. Under certain circumstances, the University may require the student to take another course as a substitute.

Special Circumstances

If you wish members of the Award Committee to be aware of any matters that may have affected the performance up to three weeks before or during an examination, you shall submit Form E-SE “Submission of Special Circumstances Information to the Award Committee” to the Examinations & Assessment Team of the Registry no later than seven days after the examination concerned.

Late applications will NOT be processed.

For details, please refer to the important notes in the application form.