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Classes of distance learning programmes are normally delivered on weekday evenings and at weekends on campus, in the form of tutorials.

Before the term commences and during your study, you can go to MyHKMU and refer the section on 'Class Schedule' to check the confirmed timetable. You can find the courses you have currently enrolled in and the corresponding timetable. See User Guide here.

Classes are normally delivered in the form of lectures, tutorials and other types of activities, and are mostly held on campus. Class schedules for practical laboratory sessions, if any, will be provided by your School separately. As the timetable may change during your course of study, remember to refer to the current timetable before attending classes.

For distance learning progarmmes, provisional timetable will be available on the University's website for reference during the course registration period (click the link to course search).

In the Event of Timetable Clash

If you have timetable clash problem or special circumstances, you may apply for change of class section via the online form T-TR 'Application for Reallocation of Class Section'.

The application period will normally be within two weeks before, and after, the term starts.

 If there are any questions, please contact the Class Scheduling & Tutors Team of the Registry on 2768-6677 or by email at

Day School Attendance

Many distance learning courses include a number of voluntary day schools. However, in some courses, you will have to participate satisfactorily in different forms of compulsory day schools or laboratory sessions, etc. in order to pass the course. For details of a particular course, please refer to the respective Course Guide.