Change of Programme/ Deferment and Withdrawal of Studies

Distance Learning Students Course Enrolment Change of Programme/ Deferment and Withdrawal of Studies

Change of Programme

If you wish to change to another distance learning programme, you shall submit an application through the following channel, and your application shall be approved at the discretion of the Schools concerned.

Except for graduates of the University and LiPACE higher diplomas,  a student wishing to change to a distance learning programme with entry requirements shall pay the application fee.

Deferment of Studies

If you are taking a course but wish to defer your studies until a later date, please submit application via MyHKMU.

The maximum period allowed for deferment of studies shall normally be one/two terms.

The University recognizes the following grounds as a basis for deferment of studies:
(a) illness or medical emergency; or
(b) family crisis or similar special circumstances.
The University, at its discretion, may also consider applications for deferment of studies if a student is required, owing to previous failures in University courses, to resit two or more examinations in any one term.

A student who has applied for deferment of studies shall continue with his/her studies and attend classes until formal approval is given by the University.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for details. 

For students who wish to apply for the Continuing Education Fund (CEF), any deferment of studies for a course for which you intend to claim reimbursement would mean that the completion date of the course would be deferred. It is the CEF applicants' responsibility to observe and enquire with the Office of CEF on the related procedures for special circumstances.

Withdrawal from Studies

If you wish to discontinue or withdraw from your studies, please submit application via MyHKMU at least 14 days before the beginning of the examination period. Students who have withdrawn from the study of a course would not be allowed to sit for the examination of the course concerned. Please refer to the Student Handbook for details.

Students who do not submit assignments or attend the examination without having formally withdrawn will be given a Fail grade for the course.

All fees paid are non-refundable for students who withdraw from their studies.