Block Credit Transfer (BCT) Precedents

Distance Learning Students Advanced Standing Block Credit Transfer (BCT) Precedents

Block Credit Transfer (BCT) Precedents

Under the BCT scheme, the result of an application case may become a precedent. This means that the result will be applicable to another applicant if the latter uses the same qualification in his/her BCT claim towards the same programme at the University.

You are advised to search the available precedents to check whether or not a precedent for the qualification already exists. If so, you may refer to the top-up list in that precedent when registering for courses.

If there is a study period indicated in the precedent, the available precedent is applicable only to that particular period of the qualification. If you hold the same qualification as in the precedent but with a different study period, the precedent will not apply to your case. Your application will be subject to a new assessment.


The BCT precedents published in the web page are listed for your reference only. Please note that the University may review BCT precedents from time to time. The University reserves the right to alter the BCT top-up requirements as and when deemed necessary. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to decide whether a precedent is applicable to a particular claimant depending on individual circumstances.