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The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings unknown changes to the workplace. To face this new wave, it is crucial to proactively enhance your skills. Through flexible learning programmes, you could increase your competitiveness and be ready to adapt to changes anytime and anywhere. And seize every new opportunity that comes your way!

Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) provides high-quality and flexible education opportunities for working individuals, offering sub-degrees, undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes. These professional and practical learning options are designed to meet the market's evolving needs and closely follow the development of various sectors. Our programmes cover the fields of translation, psychology, computer and internet technology, electronics, language studies, corporate governance and sports management, etc. The flexible study mode allows you to be in control of the pace of your study.

2024 Spring Term intake is now open for enrolment!

Distance-learning Programmes

Distance-learning Programmes 2024
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Distance Learning Programmes

Distance Learning Programmes 2024 Spring Term Brochure Download

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