Development and
Alumni Affairs Office

Integrated Marketing

Our Marketing Team helps deliver the University's vision and image through a mix of channels such as advertising, digital marketing and social media to engage with different stakeholders. Through strategized communications, we aim at promoting a modern, progressive and vibrant image for Hong Kong Metropolitan University as a full-fledged university nurturing talents for the development of the region and beyond. To ensure consistency in promoting the University's image, various branding, social media guidelines and brand materials have been developed.

Knowledge for All

The University has been delivering educational TV programmes through public television channels since 1989. Currently, the TV programme “Knowledge for All” is broadcast every Sunday on TVB Pearl (Channel 84) from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. It features a wide spectrum of topics including corporate governance, marketing & management, family & child development, health care, social science, science & technology, computing & IT, education, language & literature and history & culture. The educational programmes are open to all who wish to enrich their knowledge. Click here for the broadcast schedule and some e-episodes.


Employer Support Study Scheme

We welcome our major partners and corporations joining the Employer Support Study Scheme to provide training to their staff. The Scheme encourages employers to support their staff for further development and serves as a platform for exchange between the University and business communities. Full-time staff of corporations joining the scheme can enjoy support and benefits.