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TIN Lai Man


MAMC (CityU), BA (Hons) CM (CityU)




Offering a new critical approach and methodology to integrate aesthetics, media and technology, Man Tin's work and research concerns topics of simulation, existentialism, evolutionary psychology, expanded role of human and media in technology convergence via 3D scanning, generative images, video and digital media.
Man Tin is a media artist and design consultant, curator and educator, his works have been exhibited at the SidewalkCINEMA Festival, 798 Art Zone, New Haven and HK ARTcomics. He graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and possessed a correspondence Master's Degree in Media Cultures. Man is also the founder of PRÉCÉDÉE, an art space dedicated to explore the possibilities of creating dialogue with the society through round-the-clock exhibitions.

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Digital Art
  • Expanded Images
  • 3D Scanning
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Post-humanism

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Co-programme Leader, Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art
  • Founder, PRÉCÉDÉE
  • Design Consultant, Quit Job Make Art
  • Art Consultant, New World Development
  • Film Critic, Hong Kong Film Critics Association

Creative Works

Solo Exhibition
  • In Simulation We live, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, 14-24 Sep 2017
  • Super Saiman, No Pop Gallery, New Haven, USA, 1 Oct – 4 Nov 2016
Group Exhibition
  • TIAMAT – All These Worlds Are Yours Except Earth, 7 Mallory Street (formerly named as Comix House Base), Hong Kong, 6-21 Oct 2018
  • 西曆八月十五, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, 11-19 Aug 2018
  • Dreammmlane Hi Lung, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, 26 Jul – 8 Aug 2018
  • 得不到 Folder S1: Drag_Here, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, 5-15 Jun 2018
  • Concert for A Solo Audience, unstable.media.lab, Hong Kong, 4 May 2018
  • Selective Diary, Pianoplace, Hong Kong, 5-25 Feb 2018
  • Ignoring Literature, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, 2-13 Jan 2018
  • 流魂【二十八】頌 : 溶合媒體展覽, Videotage, Hong Kong, 23-28 Sep 2017
  • Hello Meaty series, One Fine Day Production, Hong Kong, Jan 2014, Mar 2015
  • Hello Meaty series, X1 Art Club, Hong Kong, Jan 2012, 2013
  • The Meaty Mushroom, JCCAC, Hong Kong, 18-27 Nov 2011
  • HK ARTcomics 2011, Artist Commune, Hong Kong, 12 Feb – 2 Mar 2011
  • The 65th, Artist Commune, Hong Kong, 7-17 Nov 2010
  • Bag For Better, YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong, 8-30 May 2009
  • SidewalkCINEMA Festival, Kaiserstrae, Nebubau, Vienna, Sep 2007
  • Medialogue: 7.04cm, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2-12 Jul 2004
  • Where are all the seeds gone?, Solo Exhibition by Wong Wo Bik, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Sep 2018
  • Trajectory, Solo Exhibition by Jimmi Ho, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Aug 2018
  • 2047: Escape From Hong Kong to Mars, Solo Exhibition by Mason Cheung, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Jul 2018
  • 得不到Folder S1: Drag_Here, Joint Exhibition by Yan Wai Yin, Li San Kit, Ng Pang, Chan Ka Kiu and Man Tin, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Jun 2018
  • Dancing in Water, Solo Exhibition by Jane Liu Siu Jane, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Apr 2018
  • Kwai1, Solo Exhibition by Jan Lam Ka Yi, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Mar 2018
  • Two Views, Joint Exhibition by Gukzik Lau and Yankwai Wong, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Feb 2018
  • (in)animate, Solo Exhibition by Janice To, finalist of ifva, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Jan 2018
  • Dear Stranger, Solo Exhibition by Andy Li San Kit, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Dec 2017
  • In 180 seconds, Solo Exhibition by Fred Cheung, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Nov 2017
  • Tulpa 1.0, Solo Exhibition by Jiaru Wu, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong, Oct 2017
  • Meanography, KHLC, The Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, May 2014
  • 1st Shot, L1 Gallery, JCCAC Hong Kong, Apr 2012
  • The Meaty Mushroom, JCCAC, Hong Kong, Nov 2011
  • The 65th, Artist Commune, Hong Kong, Nov 2010
  • water_3_modulation, unstable.media.lab 3 (audio/ hand tracking reactive video), Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, Sep 2018

Professional Community Services

  • Executive Committee, Hong Kong Designers Association, 2016 – present
  • Master Workshop Artist, Master Series Workshop, Young Artist Development Foundation, 2015 – present
  • Jury Panel, HK Territory-wide Youths Painting Day, 2016 – present
  • Jury Panel, International Children Painting Competition, 2016 – present