Dr. YU Wenhan Marvin

Department of Creative Arts People Faculty Dr. YU Wenhan Marvin

Dr. YU Wenhan Marvin

PhD (CityU), MA (CityU), BA(FJNU)


Dr. Marvin Yu received his BA degree from the Fujian Normal University, MA, and PhD degree from the City University of Hong Kong. He is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Creative Arts of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. His research interests lie primarily in creative writing, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Hong Kong literature, and contemporary literary theory and criticism. He has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Southern Cultural ForumLiterature in Chinese, and Journal of Changsha University of Science and Technology. And Dr. Yu has also won the Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese (2018) and City Literary Award (2014) in recent years.

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Creative Writing
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Hong Kong Literature
  • Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism

Selected Publications

Journal Articles
  • 余文翰:〈90 年代口語詩歌的精神結構及其「應用」問題〉(“The Spiritual Structure of the Spoken Poetry in the 1990s and Its 'Application'”),《南方文壇》(Southern Cultural Forum),2019 年第5期,頁74-79。(CSSCI)
  • 余文翰:〈消費時代的香港詩意——香港新詩的特異性與可能性〉(“Hong Kong Poetry in the Age of Consumption: On the Particularity and Possibility of New Poetry in Hong Kong”),《華文文學》(Literature in Chinese),2019 年第2 期,頁74-84。(CSSCI)
  • 余文翰:〈「70 後」詩歌與時代的對話——兼論以年齡劃分代際的合法性〉(“The Dialogue between Post-70s Poetry and the Times”),《長沙理工大學學報(社會科學版)》(Journal of Changsha University of Science and Technology(Social Science)),2019年第5 期,頁73-80。
  • 余文翰:〈廖偉棠詩的「地理」與「身份」論〉(“On Geography and Identity of Liu Waitong's Poetry”),《詩探索•理論卷》(Poetry Exploration),2018 年第1輯,頁132-147。
  • 余文翰:〈中國新詩的「代際」書寫及其存在的問題〉(“Generation of Chinese New Poetry and Its Existing Problems”),《詩探索•理論卷》(Poetry Exploration),2017年第3 輯,頁14-24。
  • 余文翰:〈作為語言的詩——臧棣「叢書詩」的藝術歷險論〉(“Poetry as Language: Zang Di's Artistic Adventures on Book Series Poetry”),《詩探索•理論卷》(Poetry Exploration),2014年第1 輯,頁140-150。
Book Chapters
  • 余文翰:〈風景是怎樣煉成的——當城市詩不再為題材詩〉,吳耀宗、林學忠編《文史長河的初渡——年輕學人集》,香港:匯智出版有限公司,2017 年,頁273-290。
  • 余文翰:〈一枝紅梅兩世情〉,香港文學館編《「木每雙生」文學視藝的再世紅梅》,香港:香港文學館,2020年,頁77-85。
Conference Papers
  • 余文翰:〈進出歷史之門:葛亮小說《朱雀》、《北鳶》之比較〉,首屆粵港澳大灣區文學研討會,廣州文學藝術創作研究院等主辦,2018 年11月。
  • 余文翰:〈70 後與時代的對話〉,21世紀中國現代詩第十屆研討會,河南師範大學華語詩歌研究中心等主辦,2018 年10 月。
  • 余文翰:〈保住一份冰涼,頑抗下去——麥樹堅散文中的「現實」與「現實感」〉,首屆港澳青年文學研討會,暨南大學中國文學評論基地等主辦,2017 年5 月。
  • 余文翰:〈消費時代的香港詩意〉,「逆讀」香港:香港文學與文化青年學者研討會,嶺南大學、《聲韻詩刊》主辦,2017 年1月。
  • 余文翰:〈城市書寫傳統下香港新詩的「本土性」與「我城」的構創〉,兩岸四地第七屆當代詩學論壇,中國當代文學研究會等主辦,2015 年11月。

Creative Works

Creative Writing
  • 〈不以離別為題〉,《草堂》2020年第2期。
  • 〈詩二首〉,〈落在時光之外(組詩)〉,《香港文學》2020年4月號,2019年1月號。
  • 〈詩二首〉,《字花》2020年總第85期。
  • 〈山火之後〉,《聲韻詩刊》2020年總第52期。
  • 〈複製與粘貼〉,〈出神〉,《虛詞》2019年12月24日。
  • 〈詩十首〉,《中西詩歌》2019年第1期。
  • 〈余文翰的詩〉,《2015-2016中國新詩年鑒》,北京:金城出版社,2017年,頁58-59。

Honours, Awards & Prizes

  • Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese, Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong, 2018.
  • Champion, “Thinking of the Asian Community” Academic Essay Contest, City University of Hong Kong, One Asia Foundation, 2016.
  • City Literary Award, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2014.