Mr. Kenny WONG 黃智銓先生

Department of Creative Arts Mr. Kenny WONG 黃智銓先生

黃智銓先生 Mr. Kenny WONG

駐校藝術家 Artist-in-Residence




影像設計及數碼藝術 (Imaging Design and Digital Art)

BFA (Hons) in Imaging Design and Digital Art programme from the Department of Creative Arts, invites an active artist to the department for the artist-in-residence programme with the aims to:

• To improve and enhance arts and design education
• To promote ideas exchanges among the artist with the department and IDDA programme
• To facilitate collaboration with artistic activities
• To engage in academic seminars and talks

This project is intended to invite the practising artist in town to Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Department of Creative Arts with the aim of collaboration in education, experience and insights sharing in a series of seminars with a focus on digital art and technology. With the involvement of the artist who is actively engaged in the field, this aimed to provide the platform to exchange new ideas and experiences among the students, faculty and artist for promoting the atmosphere of art and design creation and research development.