Centre for Responsible Business

Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration Research Institute of International Business and Governance Centre for Responsible Business

The Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) has been established under IIBG. The centre is responsible for research in three different fields: 1) corporate reporting; 2) responsible investment; and 3) spirituality and ethics. Each field is led by an internationally renowned Distinguished Professor and a senior academic staff member of the OUHK. The research focus and work-in-progress of the three fields are as follows:

Responsible Investment Team

Dr Andy Kan (OUHK)
Professor Raphael Nicholas Markellos (University of East Anglia)

With the extensive research experience of Professor Raphael Markellos, a globally well-known scholar in the area of empirical finance and quantitative method, the team concentrates on a broad spectrum of empirical issues involving asset pricing, behavioural finance and corporate governance. The team hopes to explore the possibility of dealing with the big problems of our time related to finance sustainability so as to provide practical implications for corporate management and policymakers.

Spirituality and Ethics Team

Dr Joey Ng (OUHK)

The research team explores a variety of topics, including sustainable human resource management, ethical consumption and ethical issues for sustainability. The team hopes to engage fellow academics and business practitioners in dialogues leading to policy and institutional changes and, ultimately, a more sustainable world.