Undergraduate Global Immersion Programme

Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration Programme Information Bachelor of Theme Park Management (Senior Year Entry) Undergraduate Global Immersion Programme
Undergraduate Global Immersion Programme
Being able to work effectively with foreigners and foreign organizations has become a very important contributor to career success in the internationalized economy. The Undergraduate Global Immersion Programmes (UG-GIP) is designed to support B&A students in developing their potential in the internationalized environment. UG-GIP aims to instill in students a deeper understanding of a foreign culture and its society and environment, and expose students to a broader overview and understanding of international business.
UG-GIP comprises of four non-credit bearing courses: BUS B081F (Year 1), BUS B082F (Year 2), BUS B083F (Year 3)*, and BUS B084F (Year 4). These courses are designed to enhance students' intercultural awareness and communication skills and help students to develop a global mindset. Details can be found here.
*BUS B083F includes a study tour. Students are responsible for incidental expenses such as airfare and accommodation.


Modified Date: Oct 25, 2019