Ms Simran KALATHIYA, BBA in International Business 2021


“Trust the Process”
Simran has a positive outlook on engaging the world and chose International Business as her major at HKMU. Having been active in participating in various competitions, she would not settle for the status quo and aims high to achieve more.


Q. What led you to take a Business degree at HKMU?
Business is something that runs in my family. I decided to do international business at HKMU which was something that influenced by my migration from India to Hong Kong. My high schooling at an international school further ignited my curiosity for the various cultures I had been exposed to, and hence, all these reinforced my decision of studying international business.


Q. How do you see the skills or knowledge gained from MUBA?
I not only gained my skills and knowledge in classroom learning, but I also had a lot of experiential learning opportunities, for example in the Global Immersion Programme (GIP), where we can have oversea study tours and other trainings strengthening our cultural awareness and understanding of international business nowadays. I took French in the GIP and coincidentally my manager during my previous work was French. Behind the great topics, the conversation started. I tried to introduce myself in French and that made a difference in helping us connect quicker. I was able to express my thoughts and views over French history, arts and culture because those had been introduced to me during cultural lessons from the GIP.


Q. What opportunities did you have at MUBA that helped you get where you are today?
A. A-Team Student Development Programme
I am fortunate enough to join the A-Team after having an encounter with Dr Irene SIAW, who spotted me on the Induction Day in my first Year of study. She always brings us up. Through those training workshops and mentorship programme, I was able to meet talented people and professionals in the industries, build up my network really quickly, and get meaningful insights from these individuals very early on. I have grown a lot and demonstrated to others that I am ready to get into an intermediate role in eight months in my previous work which people would have to take two years to come to the same position.

Competition Experiences & Scholarship
My university life would not be so fruitful without competition experiences. I got the spirit to say yes to every opportunity and see what would happen. My soft skills had been polished through these experiences and feedback from the mentors. After getting feedback from my mentor on the first couple of competitions, I was able to take the first place in the presentation round in the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS) Corporate Governance Paper 2019 that encouraged me to further take part in several different competitions beyond that, including the MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning Competition and the HSBC Greater Bay Area (GBA) Scholarship.

Career HeadStart Programme
I had about a month of internship experience at a start-up company and observe how strategic planning is required for the day-to-day routine tasks. As a business associate, I helped nurture another start-up idea that they were working on at that time. That was when I could apply the presentation skills that I had been working on through my competition experiences in the business world.


Q. What advice would you give to our freshmen to work toward their goals and ambitions?
To freshmen, say yes and seize every opportunity you have at MUBA. You will never know you are able to do it until you do it. Be proud of the fact you are at HKMU and trust the process. Meanwhile, whatever you are told, take it with the pinch of salt because it's going to be your benefit.