Ms Saloni ANANDPARA, BBA (Hons) in Business Intelligence & Analytics 2020


“Unleash Your Potential”
Saloni, like her family members, came from a science background. However, she did not follow in their footsteps, and entered the field of business intelligence and analytics, where she grew her ambition and network to start her start-up, MicroCent Limited, a decentralised microcredit trading solution as well as an award-winning project in the regional and international blockchain competitions.

Saloni's interest in chess has led her to become a professional chess player with the title of Woman Candidate Master awarded by the International Chess Federation.


Q. What led you to take a Business degree at HKMU?
I was looking for a bachelor's degree which could allow me to pursue my interests in both business and technology. Back then, the bachelor's degree programme in Business Intelligence & Analytics offered by HKMU was a very new programme, but it covered multiple disciplines, including business, psychology and coding, which exactly fit my needs.


Q. How do you see the skills or knowledge gained from MUBA?
Coming from a Science background, it took me some time to grasp that business knowledge in my first year of study. Nevertheless, the teachers here are very helpful who deepened my understanding of business and ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first start-up company, MicroCent Limited, with my team when I was still at HKMU in 2020.

Besides, I practised a lot of my presentation and communication skills during lessons which gave me an upper hand in all the case competitions I participated in.


Q. What opportunities did you have at MUBA that helped you get where you are today?
Competition Experiences
My university school life would not be so fruitful without joining various competitions, ranging from blockchain to chess. In a case competition, I met my friend who has later become my partner in our start-up company. Our business model, which was recognised by the judges of the “Greater Bay Area” and “International Blockchain Olympiad,” won the Best Fin-tech Award. We later applied for the HKSTP's Incubation Programme and Cyberport Programme, and started bringing our idea to life. Our team has grown to 20 people, and I enjoy doing what I like – providing personal financial solutions, technology directions, and strategic planning.

The scholarship I got from HKMU helped me achieve my goals as a chess player. I represented Hong Kong and competed in the Asian Games, the World Junior Chess Championship and the World Chess Olympiad. When I was away for tournaments, the teachers offered me assistance to keep my learning on track. That is really unexpected.

A-Team Student Development Programme
Being in A-Team, I could make friends with like-minded peers, and most importantly, I could meet my mentor Dr Rocky TUNG, who guided me on the areas that I should focus on. In 2019, I took his advice and applied for an internship in Holiday-Inn Finance. I have become clearer since then on what I'm truly interested in – the technology aspect – data analysis, coding and financial strategies.


Q. What advice would you give to our freshmen to work towards their goals and ambitions?
To freshmen, be active and make friends who may also be your business partner in the future.