Ms Jess YIP, BBA (Hons) in Business Management 2016

“Never Stop Until You Get There”

A mind that has her grit to sprout through experience

Jess Yip considers herself “lucky” to be offered a Compliance Officer position at HSBC amid fierce competition in 2016 after graduating from the University. Indeed, what had set her apart from other candidates was her diligence, receptiveness and determination.

Having a major in Business Management, Jess gained extensive exposure to various business-related subjects, which she finds transcend time, “The up-to-date business knowledge offered by the Business School undoubtedly boosted my confidence in setting out a banking career after graduation.”

After joining HSBC, she had the chance to work in the team of Private Banking. Despite the significant amount of work she had to handle at that time, she accomplished them all. Jess also managed to make most out of the intense on-job training since university. She recalls getting those overwhelming assignments, group projects, and tests done was no mean feat, but she was able to push her limit, which in return grew her analytical skills, people skills and time management skills.


Be a SPONGE that Absorbs as Much Knowledge as You Can

Back in the day, Jess treasured internship opportunities. She took up internships and part-time jobs in several companies, including Disneyland, Zara, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. The frontline roles she once had at banks exposed her to bank environments. Such experience helped her land her first job upon graduation at HSBC. Looking back, Jess found her schedule productive and fulfilling. “I gained much hands-on experience and expanded my social network. It definitely broadened my perspective.”

Being either overconfident in their knowledge or afraid of asking the wrong questions halts people from seeking advice. That said, Jess does not fall into these two kinds. She always takes the chance to ask and seek advice from people at work and her teachers. She has built rapport with colleagues and unlocked key pieces of advice from them for her future planning. She took their words along the way she developed her career, “I believe it is rewarding to ask more and get to know more.”


Be a STONE that Has the Strength of Conviction

Today, Jess works as a Risk Analyst at Credit Suisse. She comes across people from all walks of life during her work; as she describes, “Banks serve as the conduits of our economy.” She finds her momentum in life through working in the banking sector. “While helping my clients from different sectors, I am inspired by them. I realise how I want my life to be and how to live my life.”

When Jess has achieved a goal, she sets the next one and sets it high. She has prepared to pursue further study. “Having a master degree would not put you at a more privileged position at the start of your career; nevertheless, it gives you an edge in job promotion.” She does not settle for the status quo. She is determined to achieve more in her career. She said, “Never let yourself be too comfortable… Find your passion and purpose, and always set goals. Never stop until you get there.”