Mr Frank MAO Haoyu, BBA (Hons) in Professional Accounting 2023


“Strive for What You Pursue.”
Frank made his way from Tianjin to Hong Kong in 2019, with his aspiration to become a professional accountant. As he adapts to the new environment and community, he goes above and beyond in his studies. Currently pursuing his Master's degree, Frank seeks to fuel his ambition even further.


Q. What led you to take a Business degree at HKMU?
Like many secondary school students, I had been pondering over the simple but life-altering questions: What should I study at university? Study locally or overseas? What do I want to be? I knew my meticulous nature and strong work ethic were qualities of a good accountant. I set my sights on this field and evaluated universities in Hong Kong and abroad, and HKMU's accredited accounting programme and convenient location close to the city centre caught my eye.


Q. How do you see the skills or knowledge gained from MUBA?
The knowledge and skills I acquired at MUBA built a solid foundation for me to pursue postgraduate studies in business management. I came across up-to-date and fundamental issues in accounting during lectures. Taxation and auditing are two of the topics which I am particularly interested in. Having such background knowledge helped me gain internship opportunities at two CPA firms respectively during my Year 2 and 3 summer.

Now, while having my postgraduate studies, I am also preparing for the examination in the Qualification Programme (QP) of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Professional Accountants (HKICPA), aiming to become a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA). I was grateful that MUBA's accounting programme has equipped me with the technical knowledge and skills required by the examination.


Q. What opportunities did you have at MUBA that helped you get where you are today?
A. Internship Opportunities
I started as an audit intern at a small CPA firm and then landed a tax internship at RSM Hong Kong (RSM). Both experiences laid a solid foundation for my technical knowledge but in different ways. My time working as an audit intern allowed me to work with a close-knit team and have hands-on involvement in various stages of the audit process, from planning to reporting. On the other hand, the opportunity from RSM offered me exposure to a larger corporate setting where I had a glimpse into the global tax environment.

Dale Carnegie Training
I must say the Dale Carnegie Training kept me on pins and needles at first, but I was fortunate to have that opportunity. I joined the Dale Carnegie Training twice in June 2021 and January 2022. During the workshop, I learned how to engage the listeners, manage my stress and convince others. The newfound confidence served me well when I was invited to be the MC of the award and scholarship presentation ceremony of HKICPA. Rather than experiencing the anxiety that plagued me in the past, I genuinely enjoyed the time on stage, addressing an audience of around 100 professionals and friends from other tertiary institutions.

Cantonese Workshop
HKMU provided a Cantonese workshop for non-native speakers to learn and practise the language. Through the interactive sessions, I became more comfortable expressing myself in Cantonese. The workshop opened doors for me to integrate into the Hong Kong community and embrace the language as well as the local culture. I was fortunate to meet my local friends and co-workers and foster meaningful connections in Hong Kong.


Q. What motivated you to pursue further study after your graduation?
Through the guidance of my mentors and internship experiences, I have broadened my horizons in the business world. It became clear to me that to excel in future leadership roles, I needed to expand my knowledge beyond accounting. Therefore I already embarked on my master's degree chapter at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and I will hone my knowledge in areas, such as management, finance and ESG.


Q. What advice would you give to our freshmen to work towards their goals and ambitions?
My journey at HKMU was a fruitful and transformative one, growing me to become outgoing and confident. I hope you will also gain the same feeling as I do. Embrace the challenges and believe in your abilities. Work hard, play hard. Enjoy your journey ahead at HKMU.