Mr Cyrus CHEUNG, BBA in Marketing Management 2013

“Jump at the Chance”

Cyrus has equipped himself with up-to-date knowledge of information technology to face digitalisation in the business world. With a foundation in Marketing Management from MUBA and the high-tech expertise, he has supported his Japanese-listed company, which specialises in providing one-stop corporate printing services, in its transformation to face the digital trend by introducing new products and bringing innovative solutions to clients.


Challenges are Opportunities to Grow

The commercial world has trended towards paperless. Since a few years ago, Cyrus's company has also started transformation. “For us the change is quite considerable. Of course, I am young to accept new ideas,” as Cyrus shared, it was a challenging yet rewarding experience. “After understanding the new technologies, I attempted to propose new solutions to clients. It was rewarding that we managed to make a deal with clients whom we had never contacted.”


No Pain, No Gain: A Lifetime’s Worth of Experience

Back in the day, Cyrus has joined several marketing competitions during university. In one competition, he formed the team with other five classmates and made it into the finale. “It was demanding because we could only work on the tasks after school. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile when looking back. Through rounds and rounds of challenges from planning to executing our plan, we indeed made into the finale. Although we had not won the contest, we had a great experience.”

The competition has meant a lot to Cyrus. It was significant to his personal growth as he has learnt how to cooperate, make an arrangement and come up with a complete plan of an event during the process – these are all similar to what he is doing at work now.


Advice to Freshmen

“The society changes rapidly with many new industries emerging. It is important to play to your strengths and find your passion. If you always get prepared, when opportunities open, you will surely catch them.” Cyrus thinks that finding one's passion is especially important when it comes to career planning, as it will lead us to the pathway to our ultimate goals.


(Alumni interview conducted in October 2021)