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Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration Key Staff Staff Profile
Dr. Xiao Shanyun 肖善允博士
National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Cert PRC, HKCGI CERT: ESG
Senior Lecturer
Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration


Dr. Xiao Shanyun is a Senior Lecturer in Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration at Hong Kong Metropolitan University. She obtained her Doctor of Philosophy (Law) from City University of Hong Kong, Master of Laws (Chinese Business Law) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Economics (finance) as well as Bachelor of Laws from South China Normal University. Dr. Xiao has obtained the National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Certificate of the People’s Republic of China.

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Teaching Areas: Business Law, Company Law.
  • Research Interests: Empirical Legal Studies, Law and Economics, FinTech Regulation, Corporate Governance, Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Lin, Y., & Xiao, S. (2022). <粵港澳大灣區的證券跨境監管機制——以“深港通”投資者的維權之路為例>. In G. Zhu, & K. Deng (Eds.), 《粵港澳大灣區法制建設:合作與創新》 (pp. 151-164). Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd.

Journal Articles

  • Zhou, Q. & Xiao, S. (2022). Regulatory Experimentation in China's Peer-To-Peer Lending Market. Tsinghua China Law Review, 15(1), 58-92.
  • Xiao, S. (2022). Uterus Rental: Regulating Surrogacy in China. Medico-Legal Journal, 90(1), 41-44.
  • Xiao, S. (2022). Crossing the River by Feeling Stones: Exploring China's Effectiveness in Regulating Internet Finance. Science Technology and Law (Chinese-English Version), (1), 127-139, 148.
  • Xiao, S., & Adekola, T. A. (2021). Investment Robo-advisors: Some Reflections on China's Regulatory Experience. Banking & Finance Law Review, 37(1), 127-148.
  • Xiao, S. (2019). Understanding the Employment Status of Gig-Workers in China's Sharing Economy Era–An Empirical Legal Study. Asian Journal of Law and Economics, 10(3), [20190019].

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