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Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration Key Staff Staff Profile
Dr. Mak Lui Ming Barry 麥磊明博士
BA HKBU, MSc Strath, PhD Strath
Associate Professor
Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration


My academic training and work experience prepare me to be an effective researcher and teacher in your institute. I received my PhD and MSc in tourism from the University of Strathclyde, the United Kingdom in 2000 and 1989 respectively. I started my academic career in 1992 at a university in Hong Kong where I gained the Certified Hospitality Educator and Certified Management Accountant qualifications. Before my current academic position, I worked at one of the leading corporate travel agencies in Hong Kong for three years. My teaching expertise includes travel services, tourism planning and development, and a wide range of tourism courses at undergraduate and doctorate levels.  I have a very good industry network that facilitates my teaching and research. I have worked with some government departments and quasi-government organizations in various capacities such as board member of the Travel Industry Authority, Advisory Committee of Travel Agents, and director of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong. My knowledge is frequently sought by government policymakers and I have advised on committees and think tanks.

My objective as a teacher is to motivate my students to develop their learning interests and critical thinking. As a scholar in tourism, I believe teaching and research should go hand in hand. When teaching tourism courses, I like to incorporate my research into the class by providing additional materials that complement regular class content.

My focuses on sustainable tourism development. I have been doing research on tourism and hospitality sustainability for many years. Climate change has topped the world’s agenda. Yet, consumers’ preferences for green tourism products, i.e. tourist transportation, accommodation, meals, etc. received scant attention. I am committed to the ongoing research on sustainability in tourism and hospitality. Low carbon tourism products development, specifically from the perspective of hotels, the travel trade, and travellers. The ecosystem of the tourism and hospitality industry could be changed to a more environmentally friendly model that is keen on promoting low carbon tourism products that keep the enjoyment of tourism activities while making less harm to the environment. In the long run, with the popularity of low carbon tourism products in the market, it is hoped that these kinds of research studies could promote sustainable development by slowing down the pressure on the Earth and mitigating the problem of global warming that promoting the quality of human well-being, and enjoyment of travellers while improving the socio-economic conditions of tourism destinations.

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Travel trade management
  • Service-learning
  • Airline management

Modified Date: 21 Apr, 2023
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