Bachelor of International Hospitality and Attractions Management with Honours

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Bachelor of International Hospitality and Attractions Management with Honours








The Bachelor of International Hospitality and Attractions Management with Honours is designed to provide quality education in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in various aspects of hospitality and attractions management for those who wish to pursue or further advance their careers at managerial level in the hospitality industry.

The programme helps students acquire knowledge and skills up to professional level strengthening their knowledge of general management in hotel, attractions and tourism areas, nurturing and providing various opportunities to sharpen their creative thinking, problem-solving techniques, and other generic skills. It develops in students sound professional knowledge in various disciplines of management studies and managerial thinking, which are deemed necessary for their intellectual and social well-being and, more importantly, for excelling in a supervisory position in the hospitality industry.


  1. Explain and critically review business theories and concepts to identify issues, analyse situations, and develop solutions for multi-faceted problems in organisational settings.
  2. Critically evaluate issues and make informed judgements in view of the organisation's strategies as well as ethical considerations.
  3. Make meaningful contributions as a leader and member in a team setting and communicate effectively.
  4. Command knowledge of the practices and activities of key aspects of hospitality and attractions management.
  5. Integrate and apply advanced analytical skills to address issues and make business decisions related to hospitality and attractions management, especially those involve international operation.
  6. Assimilate and synthesise new knowledge in hospitality and attractions management, apply it to solve problems related to operation in hospitality and attractions industries, and develop practical recommendations.


Applicants of Senior Year Entry to the programme must satisfy the following entry requirement:

An Associate Degree / Higher Diploma (or its equivalent) in a business related discipline from a tertiary institution recognized by the University;


An Associate Degree / Higher Diploma (or its equivalent) in a non-business related area from a tertiary institution recognized by the University upon completion of a bridging programme offered by OUHK.



* Courses carry-over from the Autumn Term


* Course carry-over from Summer Term
# Classes may be conducted in the daytime/ on weekdays.
^ Students may be required to complete a bridging programme which consists of selected foundation and/or middle level course(s) and/or a Summer bridging course.

In the era of globalization, business opportunities are inevitably increasing around the world. The School is committed to preparing students for the challenges in the international business environment. In view of this, a Global Immersion Programme will be held to provide students with opportunities to study and travel abroad, be exposed to the language of global business, engage with global issues and eventually become empowered global citizens. This programme is compulsory.


Being able to work effectively with foreigners and foreign organizations has become a very important contributor to career success in the internationalized economy. The Undergraduate Global Immersion Programmes (UG-GIP) is designed to support B&A students in developing their potential in the internationalized environment. UG-GIP aims to instill in students a deeper understanding of a foreign culture and its society and environment, and expose students to a broader overview and understanding of international business.

UG-GIP comprises of four non-credit bearing courses: BUS B081F (Year 1), BUS B082F (Year 2), BUS B083F (Year 3)*, and BUS B084F (Year 4). These courses are designed to enhance students' intercultural awareness and communication skills and help students to develop a global mindset. Details can be found here.

*BUS B083F includes a study tour. Students are responsible for incidental expenses such as airfare and accommodation.


Integrated Curriculum

The integrated curriculum in the junior years of study of our full-time undergraduate programmes exposes students to various aspects of business education. In addition to learning in classroom setting, the School offers an engaging learning experience to students through a variety of teaching and learning activities.

Induction Days

Extra-curricular activities

The School provides students with ample opportunities to participate in a wide range of student activities with the objective to enrich their knowledge, develop and improve their personal skills and thus, granting them a distinct competitive edge in the ever-changing business world.

Highlights of Student Activities



Our Full-time students are eligible to apply the following financial assistance offered by the Government:

  1. Means-tested Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) offered by the Government through Working Family and the Student Financial Assistance Agency (Enquiries: 2152-9000)
  2. Non-means Tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS) offered by the Government through Working Family and the Student Financial Assistance Agency (Enquiries: 2150-6222)

Continuing Education Fund (CEF)*

Most of the courses pertaining to the programme have been approved as reimbursable courses under the CEF set up by the Government (please refer to the list below). Eligible applicants will be reimbursed 80% of their fees on successful completion of the courses on the list. The maximum amount of subsidy for each applicant is HK10,000.

Course Code Course Title
ACT B304F Accounting Information Systems
ACT B313F Management and Cost Accounting
ACT B331F Company Accounting I
ACT B332F Company Accounting II
ACT B405F Advanced Management Accounting
ACT B407F Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis I
ACT B408F Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis II
ACT B414F Taxation I
ACT B415F Taxation II
ACT B416F Auditing I
ACT B417F Auditing II
CGV B413F Corporate Governance
FIN B280F Introduction to Financial Management
LAW B262F Business Law I
LAW B333F Company Law I
MGT B399F Management Policy and Strategy
* Please note that according to the up-to-date requirements laid down by Office of the CEF, the University cannot offer tuition fee discounts to CEF applicants. In this regard, if a student chooses to opt for a tuition fee discount, the University will not certify his/her CEF reimbursement claim for the course concerned.
CEF Hotline: 3142 2277


Bachelor of International Hospitality and Attractions Management with Honours (Full-time) courses will be delivered in full-time face-to-face mode. The primary language of instruction is English supplemented by Chinese as necessary.

There are many student activities and resources provided for our full-time students and the information can be found at the following website of the Student Affairs Office of the OUHK:

More than 9,500 students are studying full-time face-to-face degree programmes at the OUHK. Some highlights of what they share about studying at OUHK can also be found at the above website.


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